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TSC Promotions Results Processing Status 2021; TSC Teachers’ Promotions Results Marred by Disquiet as Political Leaders Decry Selective Promotion Criteria 

Tsc promotions 2021

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TSC Promotions Results Processing Status 2021; TSC Teachers’ Promotions Results Marred by Disquiet as Political Leaders Decry Unfairness 

TSC Promotions Results Processing Status 2021; TSC Teachers' Promotions Results Marred by Disquiet as Political Leaders Decry Selective Promotion Criteria 

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Did you recently get shortlisted for TSC Promotions interviews but you are yet to receive your results?

New details reaching us at newspro.co.ke now indicate that teachers who attended TSC teachers promotion Interviews in December 2020 and February 2021 for the various advertised Promotion Vacancies may have to exhibit the patience of a cobra before their results are processed by the Teachers Service Commission.

This is after the teachers’ employer received complaints that may derail the early release of TSC teachers promotions results in 2021.

On Friday April 30, the TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia was obliged to host ‘univited guests’ in matters TSC Promotions to resolve an impending umpasse over the manner in which the 2021 TSC teachers’ promotions were conducted.

The leaders from the purpotedly alienated Kajiado County who included Honourable Ole Metito Katoo, George Sunkuyia, Judith Pareno, and Mary Seneta were seeking an amicable solution to claims that Kajiado County’s TSC promotion vacancies were being dished out to “foreigners” while the sons of the soil were left to their own mechanisms of ekking a living.

TSC Promotions 2021 Official Petition by Kajiado Teachers

According to the petition tabled before the Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer, CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia; Kajiado teachers have been incessantly left in the cold after being locked out of available leadership positions by a newly introduced system of promoting teachers.

The new TSC system of promoting teachers dictates that teachers legible for TSC headship positions- school heads, sub county directors and county directors must first serve in Job Groups L, M and N.

Teachers in Kajiado therefore feel left out and forced to serve under foreigners installed by the Commission in various TSC administrative posts.

The petition further stated that all Maasai teachers in Kajiado County with the required leadership skills and experience have been denied TSC Promotions following the introduction of Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs.

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” Through Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs the Commission has been selectively promoting teachers to the said positions and therefore discriminating against deserving cases. All Maasai teachers in Kajiado are being denied Promotion opportunities as a result of the policy,” reads the petition in part.

Following the ensuing conflict, TSC Promotions Results 2021 may take a little bit longer before being released since the petitioners have roped in the Senate to intervene with a view of incorporating affirmative action by TSC when it comes to the appointment of resident teachers to leadership positions to promote regional balance.

They also want the TSC promotions guidelines to be reviewed in such a way that priority is given to Maasai teachers  before “others” are considered for the slots.

So what is next?

In her defence, the Teachers Service Commission CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia  said that all TSC Promotions above common Cadres are guided by a common code  of regulations.

” To this end, all Promotions above common Cadres are filled on a competitive basis as per the provisions of the Code of Regulation for Teachers and the Constitution of Kenya,” said Macharia.

She further added that interested teachers across Kenya are free to apply for established TSC administrative posts irrespective of their home county.

” Once a vacancy is established, the Commission advertises it through the same media for all interested teachers across the country to apply,” she added.

TSC Promotions Interview Results Process Status 2021

The Teachers Service Commission is in the final stages of finalizing Interview Results for December 2020 and February 2021 TSC Teachers Promotions.

A total of 32, 431 teacher interviewees were shortlisted to compete for the 16,000 Promotion slots in 2021.

In the pipeline are TSC promotion Interviews for diploma teachers with higher qualifications- degrees whose interview dates were rescheduled by TSC to allow shortlisted KCSE contracted Examiners 2021 attend.



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