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FemiVoice:Enhance your feminine energy using the following tips

I am the Woman, I am the Nation


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FeviVoice: Tips on How to Enhance Your Feminine Energy

I am a Woman, I am the Nation

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  1. Maintain high standards of personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is the key to unleashing your feminine potential and prowess.

Ensure that you take a bath at least two times daily, brush your teeth two times and wash your hair frequently.

This will make you glow and feel like you are in the moon every day.

Personal hygiene will make you feel confident, authoritative, secure and enthusiastic to begin your new day.

  1. Maintain an upright posture

Remember to always sit and stand upright since this will both make you appear feminine and attractive.

Besides, a good posture will help you garner more bonga points and more respect since it makes you appear secure and self- aware.

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  1. Being kind

Aspire to be kind both to yourself and other people around you.

Imagine how much energy you are likely to use to fight evil with evil. Why cant you just resolve to a better like kindness?

Be kind to yourself and to those around you.

If you rise above mediocrity and try being nice to yourself and others, you will be full of zeal and zest.

4. Groom well

Ensure that you are well groomed all the time.

Let your simple but trendy hairstyle bring out the elegant lady in you. Do not go spotting an exaggerated Brazilian wool that people can easily take for a bale of cotton mounted on your head.

Your nails should also be on point. Go for the simplest but royal colours. If you come up with a “rainbow” pattern in the name of manicure, you are likely to lose confidence following the cat calls you will get from street urchins on your way to work.

This will obviously take a toll on your feminine energy.




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