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10 Safest places(havens) to live or visit in Kenya

Get a glimpse of Kenya’s top 10 safest destinations in Kenya: Machakos Just like its counterpart Naivasha, Machakos Town has got the best hotels that offer great services. The hotels are also good for families that would like to visit the area. Some of its best hotels include 67 Athi Hotel, Machakos Suites Luxury Hotel, Lukenya Getaway among others.

Jeff Mwaura Koinange Biography: Age, wife, son, family, career, education background, net worth, homes and contacts

Jeff Koinange wife, ex-wife, and son Jeff Koinange is married to Shaila Koinange, a Kenyan-Asian beauty and together they have a son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange. The two met in 1986 while auctioning as flight attendants for the Pan American World Airways. They later married in 1998. Jeff had earlier married Sonya, a lady from Panama but they parted ways in 1994. Jeff and Shaila Koinange tried hard to have a child for nine years without success. They finally had a son Jamal through Invitro-fertilization, IVF whom he described as…

(In photos)Top 10 richest (most opulent) families in Kenya 2020/ 2021 and their net worth

(In photos)Top 10 richest (most opulent) families in Kenya 2020/ 2021 and their net worth A family qualifies to be rich when it has acquired enough wealth to comfortably support a lavish lifestyle for the next 6 generations or so. This means that the descendants of a rich family do not have to work to earn a living. They live off the fortune accumulated by their forefathers.

In the Wake of Corona Virus:How Many Ventilators do African Countries Have To Rescue Lives of The Corona Critically Ill?

This is when the ventilator comes in handy to push air with high oxygen concentration into the lungs. To ensure that the air getting pushed into the patient's lungs is of the same body temperature as that of the patient’s, the ventilator has a humidifier that heats and moisturizes the medical air. So in essence, the ventilator regulates the breathing of the patients until they recover.