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FemiVoice:Who is a Man? Here are five main things that define a man

The Five Major Definitions of a Man


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FemiVoice:Who is a Man?

The Five Major Definitions of a Man

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There are so many myths surrounding the definition of a man.

So when you hear people telling you to man up, they have a point.

The point is, you are not man enough. Yes, you are not worth the term man.


Today FemiVoice will take you through the things that make up a man.

The aim of this article is to challenge the boy child to wake up to the reality that the world is changing and soon or later he might not be able to defend his masculinity.

Who is a man?

Definition 1: A man is a demi-god

When he coughs, the entire world gets shaken.

His voice commands audience.

This does not mean that you bash women to make them listen to you.

If you are fighting to get recognized in a woman’s life then you definitely do not deserve to be called a man.

My advice is for you to borrow a leaf from your peers whose wives are the sole providers yet they respect them through and through.

Definition 2: A man is good at his job.

Yes, a man is good at his job, not his work, not his avocation, not his hobby.

A man knows his job well and is always prepared to do it perfectly.

He knows the what to do, when and how to go about it.

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Definition 3: A man fixes things

A man in need is a man indeed.

If you cannot even fix an aerial for your family to avoid missing out on their favorite program, then you do not deserve the term man.

A real man knows when the tap is leaking and has his set of tools to fix all that.

Do not be the kind that goes borrowing a screw driver from your nextdoor neighbors all the time.

The worst scenario is when you simply cannot fix anything including yourself!

Definition 4:  A man is full of simplicity laced with elegance

No woman is willing to have a flower girl in the place of a man in her life.

Do not act as if you can rival Vera Sidika in her complexities.

Be simple and down to earth. Simplicity is the key to greatness.

Do not however mix issues. Being simple does not mean going for the cheapest mtumba shirts or oversize trousers.

There is some honour in elegance. Grab that new suit or newest boot in town and make ladies break their necks once in a while.

Definition 5: A man owns up his mistakes

Did your woman get you in the act with the “girl next door” and now you simply cannot come to terms with it?

Be a real man. Grasp your mistakes and apologize profusely to your woman.

There is no point of denying something when the writings are written all over the wall.

Be man enough to accept your faults so that next time you can avoid them.

However, if you keep on finding one excuse after the other to justify your misdemeanor, you will never simply grow up!


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