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TSC Promotions and Salaries 2021; Latest TSC Salaries and New T-Scale for Classroom Teachers Promoted by the Commission in 2021

Tsc promotions and salaries 2021 by newspro.co.ke

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TSC Promotions and Salaries 2021; Latest TSC Salaries and New T-Scale for Classroom Teachers Promoted by the Commission in 2021

TSC Promotions and Salaries 2021; Latest TSC Salaries and New T-Scale for Classroom Teachers Promoted by the Commission in 2021


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TSC Promotions 2021: The Teachers Service Commission, TSC recently released the anxiously awaited for Promotions Results for TSC teachers who attended the advertised TSC Promotions Interviews in February 2021.

Among the 2021 promoted cohort are slightly over 6000 classroom teachers who have stagnated in Job group L currently referred to as C3 without administrative roles.

2017-2021 CBA

These teachers fall under the disadvantaged group of teachers who were alienated by the current 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA signed by the TSC and teachers’ unions.

The 2017-2021 CBA failed to correctly capture their true worth thus they have ended up serving the Commission in grade C3 for over 10 years.

SRC Review of Classroom Teachers’ Role and True worth in 2021

The most recent review by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC in 2021 however has captured the true worth of classroom teachers who currently fall in Grade C3 and below after identifying over 30 new roles which they play.

Some of the roles encompass learner management and classroom management.

The truth is classroom teachers also do offer a lot of services and sacrifice their time to mentor and guide their learners but SRC simply chose to ignore this fact.

New Salaries for TSC Teachers in 2021

The 16, 152 lucky teachers who got promoted by the Commission this year including C3 teachers who got upgraded to C4 will now start enjoying new Salaries already catered for in the 2020/2021 TSC budget.

The TSC budgetary allocation for the 2020-2021 financial cycle already factored in the 2021 teachers’ promotions as part of the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs 2021

As earlier noted, the Commission had purposed to promote teachers as part of CBA 2017 whose full implementation comes to an end in June this year.

Pursuant to that, a total of over 16000 teachers have been Promoted to various administrative positions under career progression guidelines (CPGs) as opposed to the former Schemes of Service that the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT has been rooting for.

The implementation of Career Progression Guidelines has been a thorn in the flesh for KNUT affiliated tutors who up to now are yet to receive any Promotions from TSC’s end.

KNUT teachers have been left in the cold ever since the new CBA got implemented in 2017.

This necessitated some of the classroom teachers to massively pull out of the giant union leaving it crippled and struggling to meet it’s financial obligations, leave alone remaining relevant in the teaching sector.

KNUT Boss Wilson Sossion Deregistered

The latest blow to the once giant union whose call teachers could respond to and dot the streets of major towns chanting solidarity songs in pursuit of better pay is the deregistration of Wilson Sossion, the Knut Secretary General.

Sossion was to be delivered last year but a court battles saved him although fate has now worked against him after the court upheld the decision to blacklist him in 2021.

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TSC Promotion Letters 2021

The vast majority of teachers promoted this year have already received their letters spelling out terms of their new engagements with TSC following the added responsibilities.

Those who benefitted most are teachers in job group C3 who have been moved to C4 or senior master IV. In total, they got 6680 vacancies countrywide.

Senior master is the entry grade to administration in secondary schools. For one to qualify for this position, he or she must have been in job group C3 or L for over three years.

Some of the new responsibilities include assisting the school administration in ensuring that curriculum  implementation is carried out according to the ministry of education specifications.

New Salaries

The new duties and responsibilities will obviously come with the following salaries based on the current CBA 2017.

Basic salary will be ranging between ksh 52,308-65,385 from the previous range of 43,154-53,943 when they were in job group C3 as shown below.

New TSC Salaries for C4 Teachers

TSC Promotions Interview Results for Deputies in 2021

Others who reaped big are 1341 deputy principals I who are under job group D3 and another 1,096 deputy principals II, under job group D2.

Also filled up after the interviews are some 39 Senior Lecturers I, who fall under job group D2.

Still benefiting from the promotions are 1,590 Deputy Principal III, who fall under job group D1, 209 Curriculum Support Officers and 2,111 headteachers, under job group C5.

Others considered in the promotions bonanza are 1,756 positions of Deputy Headteacher II. Some 45 Senior lecturers and 350 Senior Master IV, under job group C4.

It is now all smiles to the bank for these colleagues as curtains fall for the current CBA which has brought a lot of changes to the teaching profession.

New TSC Salaries for Classroom Teachers Starting July 2021

Now focus shifts to the classroom teacher who got a raw deal in the 2017-2021 CBA.

Whether the commission will come up with a pro-teacher CBA will depend on availability of funds by the exchequer.

The big number of classroom teachers under TSC payroll and inadequate funds have been a scapegoat for denial of reasonable pay increment.

Kuppet is currently in talks with the Teachers Service Commission to see whether these teachers will reap big from the new CBA.

There is however a major set back since the Commission is set to receive limited funds in the next budgetary allocation.

The irony is that chiefs and other administrative civil servants have already received better salary perks.

Now all eyes are trained on TSC to see whether it will honoured its pledge and serve classroom teachers for once.


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