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TSC Internship Salaries 2021 processing status: Confirmed pay day for 2021 TSC Teacher Interns

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TSC Internship Salaries 2021 -2022 processing status: Confirmed pay day for 2021 TSC Teacher Interns

TSC Internship Salaries 2021 processing status: Confirmed pay day for 2021 TSC Teacher Interns

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TSC; That the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, pays  newly recruited teacher interns a monthly stipend ranging between Kshs 15,000 and Kshs 20, 000 is an open secret.

What newly absorbed TSC interns are however not made to understand is their confirmed pay day.

Having tarmacked for some time, newly employed TSC teachers including interns cannot simply wait for their salaries to be remitted and their Payslips being posted online.

Unfortunately, most principals and Sub-county TSC officers especially HR officers neither sensitize the new teachers nor aid them to wade through the murky waters in as far as the processing of TSC Internship Salaries is concerned.

This results in undeserved inconvenience caused by delayed release of TSC internship Salaries.

TSC Internship payroll  processing status 2021


Fortunately, the latest TSC Circular on teacher interns’ Salaries 2021 indicates that all newly recruited interns will have their details captured in the TSC payroll by 15th so that all outstanding TSC internship Salaries can be remitted to the affected teachers.

TSC Confirmed pay day for Teacher Interns 2021

All newly employed TSC intern teachers should therefore expect their full Salaries once the Commission   commits to include them in the official TSC Payroll.

This move comes after some teachers who have been languishing in poverty and gnashing their teeth since January took to social media, where they expressed their dire need for money especially now that most schools are bankrupt and hence cannot come to their aid.

 TSC intern teachers Casualty forms 2021 Submission Deadline

In a circular seen by Newspro, early this week, The County Directors of education have been asked to submit all casualties to the TSC offices in Nairobi by 15th April.

Delayed TSC intern teachers salaries, Commission gives prompt Response

This move will see all Newly TSC Employed Teachers paid their Salaries as from January. Many newly employed teachers’ salaries are said to have always delayed to almost three months.

This is because the county Directors of education never submit the Teachers’ casualties in time.



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TSC internship Salary Increment 2021

In 2019 the teachers’ employer, Teachers Service Commission, TSC got summoned by a group of lawyers seeking answers on how the Commission arrived at the meagre salaries for TSC interns and unfavourable contract terms.


The lawyers from Mugeria, Lempaa and Kariuki Advocates demanded to have the Commission give an elaborate explanation on how it settled for Kshs 15, 000 and Kshs 10, 000 salary payment for Secondary and Primary School teacher interns.


Here is the letter from MLK Law Firm to the Teachers Service Commission.

This among other concerted efforts from members of Parliament culminated in better salaries for both primary and secondary school intern teachers after the Commission decided to add an extra Kshs 5,000 per month to their salaries.

A primary school TSC teacher intern now earns Kshs 15,000 whereas a secondary school TSC teacher intern earns Kshs 20,000 per month.

Current payslip of a TSC Intern Teacher 2021

According to TSC internship agreement, Internship will be non-remunerative. However, interns will be paid a stipend as may be determined  by the Commission from time to time. In this regard, the Commission will make budgetary provision on an annual basis.

Intern teachers in secondary school enjoy special salary of amount  kes. 20,000.

This amount is subjected to two deductions; National Social Security Fund (NSSF)  Kes. 200.00 and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) kes. 750.00. Total deductions sum up to Kes. 950.00.

After all deductions have been made, the teacher takes home Kes. 19,050.00.

Here is a Breakdown of a secondary school TSC intern teacher 

No. Break down Amount (Ksh)
1 Special Salary 20,000.00
 2 NSSF Deduction 200.00
3 NHIF Deduction 750.00
4 NET Pay (After deductions) 19,050.00


TSC Intern Payslip free download

To download the payslip, go to T-pay using this link here https://tpay.tsc.go.ke. 

Enter your TSC number with your password then click on login.

If you have forgotten your password click on Reset password. You will be prompted to enter you TSC number. follow the steps that will prompt on the screen.

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