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TPAD: TSC Directs Teachers to Update their TPAD Immediately

New TSC TPAD 2 log in access link: TSC unveils a  new TPAD2 log in access link, here is a simplified procedure on how to open and log into the new TSC TPAD 2 log in access link.

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TSC Directs Teachers to Update their TPAD Immediately

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC now wants teachers to open and fill their Teacher Performance Appraisal Development, TPAD assessment tools immediately since this data will be required soon.

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In a message sent to school Principals and heads, the Commission wants practicing teachers to provide information on their TPAD tools immediately.

“Hi colleagues. Please ensure that your teachers have opened and maintained their tpads account. You should start this exercise now. Update is going to be requested soon,” reads one of the messages at our disposal.


In November 2019, the Commission introduced a user-friendly TPAD tool, commonly referred to as TPAD2.

Two teachers from every school were trained on how to create and log into the new TSC TPAD2 account.

For those who may not be well versed with the procedure, below is a simplified guide and the official TSC TPAD2 creation or activation link

TSC tpad2 Creation/Activation, login, URL: an ultimate guide on how to easily create, activate, login and use the latest user-friendly TPAD2 url link (

This article provides reliable information on how to create, activate or log onto the new TSC TPAD2 portal, the latest TSC TPAD2 user-friendly URL link, TPAD Process, and new TSC TPAD teaching standards

Section 52 of the TSC Code of regulations for requires teachers to actively take part in the Teacher performance and appraisal development processes.

These include: Creating a TSC TPAD Portal, setting teaching/ learning targets on a termly basis, and working towards achieving them.

How to easily Create/Activate your TSC TPAD2 Portal using the new TSC tpad2 URL account creation link

Note: The new TSC TPAD 2 log in access link/ address is


How to register and log into your new TPAD2 login portal


Click on this link to access the new TSC TPAD2 registration portal


Create your new TSC TPAD2 account by first filling in the required data that is your TSC number, Phone number, ID number, Email address, and password.


After filling in the above details, click on the tab labeled “Create Account” to create your new TSC TPAD2 account.


Once your new TSC TPAD2 account is created, it will automatically get logged onto.


In the next window, fill in the following details: level of education and subject combinations for instance English and Literature then click on “Submit.”


Now your TSC TPAD 2 login account is ready for use, proceed to log in by clicking on the tab labeled “Proceed to log in.”


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Requirements for TSC TPAD2 portal account

Teachers are expected to provide the following details when logging onto their new TSC TPAD2 accounts:

  1. TSC number
  2. ID number
  3. Log in Password


Role of Appraiser and Appraisee in the new TSC Tpad

The above-mentioned roles are assumed by teachers at various capacities. The appraiser is expected to assess the development of a teacher in terms of curriculum delivery and award marks as per the guidelines provided.

The school head performs the following TPAD Roles:

Playing an oversight role in TPAD implementation by all teachers

Continuously monitoring and evaluating the appraisal process and compiling termly reports to be submitted to the sub-county education director for forwarding to the TSC.

Offering relevant feedback regarding TPAD implementation for example knowledge gaps

Appraising the deputy head (heads) at the school level

Counter-signing TPAD documents for all teachers within the school


New roles of deputy heads in the New TSC TPAD

Updating lesson attendance for all teachers

Arbitrating for teachers

Scheduling meetings and appraising Heads of Departments and curriculum masters

Counter-signing registers on a weekly basis


TPAD Process: simplified steps

  1. Roll out of appraisal calendar
  2. Setting of targets
  3. Working towards meeting the set targets and gathering evidence on the various achievements made
  4. Self-appraisal based on set standards and competencies
  5. Appraisal rating by the appraiser based on the evidence collected
  6. Meeting between appraiser and appraisal for agreed rating based on the evidence gathered
  7. Identification of gaps
  8. Development of teacher support and performance development
  9. Implementation of teacher support and performance development

New TSC TPAD Checklist


1. Current Personal Timetable
2. Syllabi
3. Updated lesson plans
4. Updated lesson notes
5. Updated records of work checked on a weekly basis
6. Approved schemes of work
7. Exam analysis per subject (Continuous and summative assessment results)
8. Marked learners’ exercise books
9. Co-curricular and team-building activity records
10. Learners’ Guidance and Counselling records
11. Copies of staff and departmental meetings’ minutes
12. TPAD records
13.Individualized Educational Programmes, IEP records
14. Professional Development records
15. Lesson observation records
16. Involvement with the community and other stakeholders
17. ICT integration in the teaching/ learning process
18. Teaching aids







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