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TSC Promotion Letters & Results Release Date 2021; TSC Starts the Process of Dispatching Promotion Letters for Teachers

Tsc promotion letters 2021 by newspro.co.ke

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TSC Promotion Letters Release Date 2021; TSC Starts the Process of Dispatching Promotion Letters for Teachers

TSC Promotions 2021 Complete; Processing of 2021 TSC Promotions Results for The Teachers Fully completed (Promotion Letters to be dispatched in May

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TSC Promotion Lettersย  Processing Status 2021; when the current TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia appeared before the Parliament last week, she cleared the air on pending TSC teachers promotions for the 2021 financial year.

Dr. Nancy Macharia said that the Commission was committed to finalize the processing of TSC Promotions Results for teachers who attended Interviews in December 2020 and February 2021.

True to her word, the Teachers Service Commission has honoured its pledge to fully implement the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA and released an official Circular giving a clear picture on how far the Commission is in as far as the processing of TSC Promotions Results and Letters 2021 is concerned.

Below is the Latest TSC circular on Teachers Promotions Results 2021

TSC Circular on the Status of 2021 TSC Promotions Interview Resultsย 

TSC Promotions 2021 Complete; Processing of 2021 TSC Promotions Results for The Teachers Fully completed (Promotion Letters to be dispatched in May

TSC Promotions Circular 2021 (Content)

In case you would like to know the full details of the Latest TSC Circular on Teachers Promotions 2021, below is a quick break-down

1. TSC Promotions Interview Results 2021

In the Circular, the Teachers Service Commission publicized the status of TSC Promotions Interview Results.

According to the Commission, Interview Results for 16, 152 teachers are ready.

The Commission has already compiled data for successful candidates who are set to receive their letters after schools open in May.

It is however important to appreciate that not all the teachers who attended Interviews will be picked to fill the Promotional slots.

Approximately half will receive confirmation letters while the remaining will receive regret letters since a total of approximately 32, 000 were shortlisted for the interviews.

“The Commission will Communicate to all teachers who were interviewed through existing official channels,” reads the Circular in part.

2. List of TSC Promotions Vacancies filled in 2021

The circular further denotes the list of successfully filled vacancies and their respective advert numbers and T- Scales.

The T-Scales will determine how much more the promoted teachers will pocket in form of Salaries and Allowances on a monthly and annual basis.

The filled positions include:

Deputy Principal I

Deputy Principal II

Senior Lecturer I

Deputy Principal Ill

Curriculum Support Officers

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Head Teachers

Senior Master IV

Deputy Head Teacher II

Senior Lecturer IV Senior Master IV

3. TSC Promotion Letters for theย  16,152 Teachers Promoted in 2021

According to the Circular, Promotion Letters containing TSC Promotions Interview Results will be dispatched to counties.

The affected teachers will then collect them as schools reopen for the third term.

4. Number Promoted TSC Teachers Per Job Group (Grade) in 2021

According to TSC, the highest number of Promoted TSC teachers in 2021 falls in Grade C4 that is Senior Master IV whose former job group is M.

A total of 6, 680 teachers without administrative posts will be all over the moon for being upgraded to C4.

In the second Position comes Primary School Head teachers, Grade C5 whose total number stands at 2, 111.

Thirdly, we have Deputy Head Teacher II whose number stands at 1,765.

Below is a quick break-down of the total number of TSC promoted teachers in May 2021 per job group

Deputy Principal I- 1,341 Teachersย 

Deputy Principal II- 1,096 Teachers

Senior Lecturer I- 39 Teachers

Deputy Principal Ill- 1,590 Teachers

Curriculum Support Officers- 209 Teachers

Head Teachers- 2, 111

Senior Master IV- 6, 680 Teachers

Deputy Head Teacher II- 1, 765 Teachers

Senior Lecturer IV Senior Master IV- 45 Teachers

5. TSC Promotional Grades filled on a Competitive Basis in 2021

The advertised TSC Promotion Grades filled on a competive basis this year encompass C4, C5, D1, D2 and D3.

TSC Administrative Gaps in Primary and Secondary Schools 2021


Currently, schools are crippled by glaring administrative gaps with some having to do without deputies, heads, senior teachers and senior masters hence the Commission’s need to fast track the 2021 TSC Promotions.


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