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TSC: Here Are The Most Current Requirements For P1 Deployment To JSS, The Vetting Process.


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P1 Teachers’ Deployment  To Junior Secondary Schools

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According to the Teachers Service Commission(TSC), a sum of 10,833 current P1 teachers serving in primary schools across the country have sent their applications to be deployed to Junior Secondary Schools.

The Commission has offered a communique  directing that the lists of teachers availed must be deployed to  Junior Secondary Schools in tandem with the  provided guidelines:

  1. Qualifications

All primary School teachers willing to be deployed to Junior Secondary Schools across the country must meet the minimum qualifications for teaching in secondary school. These qualifications are:

a) Must have an active registration as a teacher with the Teachers Service Commission

b) Must be currently employed as a primary school teacher serving with the teachers’ employer (TSC)

c) The interested teacher must not be currently on interdiction or being taken through the disciplinary process.

d) The teacher must have a minimum of a Diploma in Education with a minimum of C+ at KCSE with a C+ in two teaching subjects currently being taught in the school curriculum( for both 8-4-4 and CBC) or two (2) principles and one (1) subsidiary pass at ‘A’ Levels.

The TSC circular further stipulated that those with a minimum of C( plain) at KCSE or its equivalent and who have acquired a Diploma in Education together with a Bachelor’s Degree qualify.

e)It is important to note that the degree certificate must be that of A Bachelor of Education. Those in possession of a bachelor’s degree in Education( Primary Option) do not qualify for this deployment.

f) Only those who have officially exhibited interest to be deployed to JSS and whose names are on the list at the TSC headquarters are eligible for deployment.

2. Vetting

The TSC Sub-County directors have been entrusted with the task of inviting the candidates in the list provided by the County Director for the verification of documents. The documents to be screened are:

a) The original and copy of the degree/diploma Certificate

b) Original and copies of the academic transcripts

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c) The original and copy of the KCSE certificate ( or its equivalent)

d) A copy of the current payslip

e) A declaration by the Head of the Institution that the teacher is currently serving in the school and is neither serving an interdiction nor being taken through disciplinary action.

3. Deployment

It is crucial to note that all deployment letters to successful candidates will be signed by the Sub-County Directors within the Sub-county. Needless to say, those who may be deployed outside the sub-county shall have their letters signed by the County Directors.

The following are considerations to be put into use:

a) Proximity to the current station. It is crucial to note that teachers should be deployed to their current workstations or those that are close to their current schools.

b) Subject Combination. The Sub-County directors must ensure that they do not deploy teachers of similar subject combinations with those already posted to JSS.

c) Gender. The Sub County directors have been advised accordingly to balance the gender of teachers posted to the same station.

d) Teachers with SNE qualifications should be posted to Special JSS.

e) The Communique from the TSC headquarters advised that the deployment must be done using the provided templates already shared. The same directors have been advised to seek clarification on matters that could be blurred. The Sub-County directors were directed to sign two(2) letters for each successful candidate. One of the letters should be handed to the teacher and the second one be submitted together with other deployment documents for filing at the commission’s headquarters.

The following are crucial guidelines that must be adhered to:

a) Teachers at Grades B5 and C1 with a bachelor’s degree will be issued with appointment letters to Grade C2 (Appendix 1)

b) Teachers at Grade B5 with a Diploma in Education will be issued with appointment letters to Grade C1( Appendix 11)

c) Teachers at Grade C2 and above with bachelor/ Diploma Certificates shall be issued with Deployment letters( Appendix 111)

d)Techers at Grade C1 with a Diploma shall be issued with a Deployment letter(Appendix 111)



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