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KESSHA Confirms the Reversal of School Funds, Reason Being…


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KESSHA Confirms the Reversal of School Funds, Reason Being…

The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association, KESSHA has confirmed the reversal of free education funds.

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By yesterday, most school heads had confirmed that indeed the funds for the first and second terms had reflected on the NEMIS portal.

A few hours later, there were clear indications that the funds were no longer accessible by schools for they were not reflected in school accounts.

The funds were meant to cushion BOM teachers and subordinate staff against the biting effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This, therefore, means that BOM teachers will have to wait longer now that the money has been reversed on grounds that the ministry did not give details on how the money will be spent.

Although the teachers and workers affected may be forced to wait longer, something good might be in the offing given that some unscrupulous school heads had started circulating circulars indicating that the teachers will proceed on unpaid leave until schools reopen despite the funds being released.

In one of the circulars at our disposal, the school board of management wished to inform BOM staff that the school could only pay part of their August salaries after which they will proceed on unpaid leave until learning resumes.

It is now clear that the education ministry may have reversed the funds to ensure that they are not misappropriated by school management boards.

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If the funds had not reflected in schools’ bank accounts, why should some heads connive with management boards to deny the affected staff their rightful dues?

If the ministry did release funds for terms one and two, then it is fair that schools settle the staff’s unpaid salaries in full.

The government had earlier stated that it will cushion BOM teachers and teachers registered under the Teachers Service Commission, with the fate of private teachers unknown.

On Friday, August 7, Treasury CS Ukur Yattani stated that he would consult Magoha on the funds, which YattaniΒ had already given the green light to be released.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani departs the National Treasury on June 11, 2020, for the 2020/21 budget statement presentation

β€œThe funds that are supposed to be released to schools will be used to pay BOM teachers and other workers, and I have already given instructions for the release of the money.

β€œI will confirm with Magoha if the budget has been drawn and submitted to the Treasury,” Yattani stated in an interview with theΒ Daily Nation.

On Thursday, August 6, CS Magoha assured principals and BOM teachers that the funds will be released, with school heads confirming that Ksh 3,725 per student for operations was released.

BOM teachers have gone over four months without salaries but ware set to enjoy government relief alongside TSC teachers as their private schools’ colleagues continue to languish.



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