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Education breaking news: KCSE & KCPE 2020 to be conducted as scheduled in the KNEC 2020 Time-tables for the two national exams, CS Magoha


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Education breaking news: KCSE & KCPE 2020 to be conducted as scheduled in the KNEC 2020 Time-tables for the two national exams, CS Magoha

CS Education Professor George Magoha has cleared the air on speculations surrounding the postponement of the KCSE 2020 and KCPE 2020 national exams.

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Speaking on Monday, April 13, 2020, at Afya House during a press conference on the state of the Kenyan education sector amidst the coronavirus pandemic, CS Magoha made it clear that from where he stands there is no need of postponing KCPE and KCSE 2020 tests since the learners have partially lost three weeks in term 1, 2020.

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Besides, he said that the Ministry of Education in collaboration with other key stakeholders such as the KICD has done their bit-airing live radio and TV broadcasts of lessons for pre-primary, primary and secondary school learners.

Click on the following links to access the KICD time tables for KBC English Service KICD radio lessons and EDU TV channel

When will schools reopen?

When asked about the official re-opening date of schools in Kenya, CS Magoha said that the lives of our children are more important than exams and school.

He further added that the major question that Kenyans should be asking themselves is whether schools will open on May 1, 2020 or May 2, 2020 as earlier planned.


CS Magoha on online learning fees

Professor Magoha also set the record straight on online learning charges.

He said that no public school should charge parents for online learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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On the contrary, private schools might charge parents for e-lessons especially if the learning materials were created and disseminated by private teachers who are not on the TSC payroll.

Universities are also justified to charge school fees since online classes had to be prepared by faculty members under the various institutions’ payroll.

This will affect private universities and self-sponsored students in public universities.

On the other hand, government-sponsored varsity students should not pay a dime for online courses.

Covid-19 isolation centers (schools and colleges)

Professor Magoha noted that several schools were being utilized well as coronavirus isolation centres and the results in curbing the spread of the coronavirus were amazing.

“Our facilities are being utilized to control the covid-19 pandemic with extremely good results,” said the CS.

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