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Top 10 free learning (educational) apps for Kenyan learners

How to set up educational apps for classroom apps


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Top 10 free learning (educational) apps for Kenyan learners

How to set up educational apps for classroom apps

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With the advance of technology, most schools especially best performing private schools with international curricula have embraced online learning.

This becomes even easier with the availability of free educational apps that learners can utilize to enhance learning.

The advantage of free learning apps is that they can be accessed at a relatively cheaper cost and from available android devices such as phones and tablets.

Below is a full list of some of the free learning apps that learners can make use of

  1. Google Classroom

One of the ultimate educational apps is Google Classroom.

It is essentially meant for a wide range of classroom activities including making announcements, discussion groups, sharing remarks, dissemination of assignments and resources.

To set up Google classroom, teachers need to share code and students can join by entering the codes to create a virtual classroom.

  1. edX

If your dream is to study in highly rated universities such as Havard and MIT, then edX is the way to go.

With edX you can earn your degree in the over 2000 courses available in edX.

Some of these courses include computer science, linguistics, engineering among others.

Some of the edX features include video tutorials, study material handouts and highly interactive questions.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is undoubtedly one of the best free educational apps for learners. The app provides world-class free learning for students across the globe.

All lessons involve video tutorials and video drawings on a virtual blackboard as the narrator describes every step.

Besides Khan Academy offers online courses in preparation for standardized tests such as SAT, MCAT AND LSAT.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is an easy language learning app with a wide range of languages such as French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, etc.

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The app provides simpler activities for new entrants such as pictures labeling games before advancing to higher levels of language acquisition.

Duolingo can track your development and guide you in every step you take.

Features of Duolingo include

Highly interactive stories

Over 30 languages

Forum discussion

Leaderboards competitions

Language learning activities

  1. Remind

Remind app is the best educational app for effective group discussions.

It enables the learner to connect with others and accomplish shared tasks within a certain school community.

Remind app provides an opportunity for teachers as well as parents to chip in.

Some of its unique features include share photos, flyers, instant messaging, chat translations in more than 70 languages and handouts.

  1. Photomath

Mathematics has always posed a great challenge to many learners irrespective of age or level of learning.

However, a learner using photomath is more likely to enjoy acquiring mathematical skills since the learning process involves teaching learners how to solve maths questions step by step coupled with simplified instructions and explanations.

Features of photomath

Multiple solving methods

Animated instructions

Scientific calculator

No internet connection




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