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December 2020 Advertised Teaching Slots Per Subject: A Complete Breakdown of Secondary School Internship Vacancies Recently Advertised by the Teachers Service Commission in December 2020


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December 2020 Advertised Teaching Slots Per Subject: A Complete Breakdown of Secondary School Internship Vacancies Recently Advertised by the Teachers Service Commission in December 2020

This article provides a detailed break-down of the recently advertised TSC teaching vacancies in secondary schools (December 2020).

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Teachers of English and Literature have got a reason to put a smile on their faces after the Commission once more gave the combination an upper hand in the recently advertised TSC internship vacancies.

It seems that English being a compulsory subject needs more human resources especially given that it has got the highest workload per week.

In the recently announced vacancies, the combination scooped the lion’s share of the total number of slots-602 vacancies out of 4, 876 secondary school TSC internship jobs.

In the second place came Biology and Agriculture with 402 vacancies then Mathematics/ Physics with 342 vacancies.


Interested and qualified teachers have got up to Monday, December 14, 2020, to submit their requests online


Position TSC Subject Combination Total Number of December 2020TSC Internship Vacancies/ Slots
1 English and Literature 602
2 Biology and Agriculture 402
3 Mathematics and Physics 342
4 Mathematics and Business Studies 314
5 Kiswahili and CRE 313
6 History and CRE 312
7 Kiswahili history 294
8 Business Studies and Geography 293
9 Biology and Chemistry 292
10 Chemistry and Mathematics 266
11 Chemistry and Physics 92
12 Geography and Mathematics 83
13 Biology and Mathematics 44
14 Business Studies and History 12
15 Business Studies and Kiswahili 5
16 Computer and Mathematics 5
17 Business Studies and CRE 2
18 Music 2
19 Computer and Physics 1
20 Physics and Biology 1
  Total 4876


How to apply for December 2020 TSC Internship jobs online through TSC Website 

The Teachers Service Commission Sub–County Director is also required to induct members of the Selection panel on the relevant areas of the Teachers Service Commission Act; the Teachers Service Commission Code of Regulations for Teachers; and relevant administrative procedures before the commencement of the exercise.

Besides, the Teachers Service Commission County Director MUST ensure that the recruitment process is done in strict adherence to the protocols issued by the Ministry of Health on containment of the ravaging COVID– 19 pandemic.

General Information to Applicants

All applicants must be registered teachers as per Section 23(1) of the Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012. Applicants who are not registered do not eligible for recruitment.

Applicants who apply for confirmation of results from Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) should provide the address of the County Director where they tendered their application.

It will be the responsibility of the applicants to ensure that the KNEC results are received by the respective County Directors within 14 days of verification of their certificates by the County Directors.

Applicants whose names differ in the certificates, testimonials, and/or identity cards/passports are required to provide duly Affidavit explaining the variation In names or the sequence thereof.

Applicants who re-sat either KCPE or KCSE examinations (or their equivalent) MUST present certified copies of the certificate(s) of the national examination(s) in question for all attempts.

Applicants will be required to submit their applications to The Secretary, Teachers Service Commission through the online platform www.teacheronline.tsc.go.ke for the county where a vacancy has been declared.

Applicants who were previously employed by the Commission DO NOT qualify for the internship program.

A system-generated Merit list will be sent to the County Director.

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Upon receipt of the Merit List, the County Director shall share with the respective Sub-County Directors.

Sub – County Directors shall use the Merit list to communicate selection date and venue in consultation with the County Director.

During the selection, each applicant shall be given a Serial Number.

Applicants must present original and legible photocopies of the following, among other relevant documents:

National Identification Card;

National Council of Persons with Disability (NCPWD) Card (where applicable)

KCPE Certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one repeated exams)

KCSE Certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if one repeated exams)

PTE Certificate

Certificate of registration as a teacher

Sworn Affidavit where names appearing on the submitted documents differ

Primary and Secondary Schools leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials.

Applicants with special needs, especially challenges relating to speech and/or hearing shall be allowed the company and support of a sign language interpreter or an appropriate Assistant.


All applicants, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, or home County shall be given equal opportunity.

However, in case of a tie in the scores by the applicants, consideration will be given to the following in their order of priority:

Applicant‘s disability status, if any

The Applicant‘s performance/grade in teaching practice

The applicant (s) who graduated earlier in time

The academic and professional performance demonstrated through certificates i.e. higher aggregate KCSE grade. 


The selected date and venue MUST be displayed on Notice Boards at the County, Sub–County, and Zonal offices at least seven (7) days before the selection exercise.

The Selection Panel shall vet each applicant to establish if he/she meets the requirements as per the advertisement.


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