Criteria used for promoting teachers in 2021

According to the guidelines released by TSC, Factors like regional balance, gender equity, and affirmative action for ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) counties among others were considered. The Commission further adds that the promotions were equitably distributed across the regions

TSC says the Promotion is guided by career progression guidelines under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA.

“All vacant positions are advertised and filled competitively. All teachers are given equal opportunities through interview sessions.” TSC says.

The above considerations were applied in promoting teachers to the next grade.

A total of 16,152 teachers were promoted after the recent interviews.

Keep HERE for all the lists of promoted teachers per County; which will be uploaded very soon.

Assess your chances of being promoted by TSC in 2021 Before-hand

Even before you get your promotion results, you can speculate on whether you have been lucky or not. One way to do this is by reflecting on how you responded to questions that were asked during the interview and whether the panel demonstrated interest in you.

Secondly, performance at the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations for the last three years played a key role in determining whether you would be promoted or not.

Official Number of promoted Teachers per County in 2021

As expected Kiambu County got the highest number of promoted teachers after recording the highest number of applicants at 1,717. Kisii came in second with 1,673 applicants while Kakamega had 1,488 applicants.

Official TSC Statistics For 2021 Promotions; Number of Shortlisted Candidates Per County

County Venue Number of candidates Number of Interview panels
Kiambu Kiambu 1717 6
Kisii Kisii 1673 5
Kakamega Kakamega 1488 5
Isiolo Meru 1407 5
Nakuru Nakuru 1395 5
Murang’a Murang’a 1363 5
Machakos Machakos 1362 5
Bungoma Bungoma 1346 4
Kitui Kitui 1233 4
Wajir Nairobi 1168 4
Makueni Makueni 1146 4
Kisumu Kisumu 1142 4
Hamabay Hamabay 1009 3

Official Number of TSC teachers promoted per job group.

S/No. Position Advert No. Scale No of the teachers promoted
1 Deputy Principal I May-20 13 (D3)


2 Deputy Principal IIS Jun-20 12 (D2)


3 Senior Lecturer I Jul-20 12 (D2)


4 Deputy Principal III Aug-20 11 (D1)


5 Curriculum Support Officers Sep-20 10 (C5) 209 
6 Head Teachers Oct-20 10 (C5)


7 Senior Master IV Nov-20 9 (C4)


8 Deputy Head Teacher II Dec-20 9 (C4)


9 Senior Lecturer IV 13/2020 9 (C4)


10 Senior Master IV 14/2020 9 (C4)