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Latest TSC Internship News

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The Teachers Service Commission is set to hold interviews for teacher interns at the County levels.

consequently, all prospective candidates are thoroughly preparing to excel in the interviews. Here are a few questions and possible guidelines to help you excel.

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  • Can you briefly tell us about yourself?


Give you full name, nationality and your personality traits, for example, I am Maina Jefferson. I am a Kenyan.  By nature, I am an outgoing or extroverted person who likes establishing new social relationships. In addition to this, I am a goal-oriented person who is extremely passionate about the teaching profession.

N/B: be brief and avoid giving irrelevant information as this may attract public ridicule.



  • State your TSC Number 


I am a teacher number six hundred and ninety thousand, five hundred and fifty-one.

N/B: Do not give digits such as six, nine, two, seven, one, zero



  • Who is the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology?


Professor George Magoha



  • What are the functions of the Teachers Service Commission?


The Teachers Service Commission is an independent commission that was established under Article 237 of The Kenyan Constitution 2010 and tasked with the following functions:

  • Vetting and registering trained teachers
  • Recruiting and employing registered teachers
  • Placing or assigning employed teachers in any public school or institution
  • Promoting and transferring teachers
  • Exercising disciplinary control over teachers.
  • Terminating the employment of teachers
  • Reviewing the standards of education
  • Conducting TSC interviews.
  • Reviewing the demand vis a vis the supply of teachers
  • Conducting in-service training for teachers
  • Advising the national government on matters related to the teaching profession



  • What is KICD in full?


Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development


  1. What are the roles of KICD?

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The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has got the following roles:


  • Advising the government on matters related to curriculum development.
  • Evaluating, vetting and approving both local and foreign curricula 
  • Implementing policies related to curriculum development in both basic and tertiary education levels
  • Developing and reviewing curriculum support materials
  • Conducting research aimed at informing curriculum policies, review and development
  • Disseminating curriculum support materials through the mass media, e-learning and distance learning



  • Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the TSC?


Dr. Nancy Njeri Macharia



  • What is SRC in full? 


Salaries and remuneration Commission



  • Who is the Chairperson of the SRC?


Lyn Mengich


  • What are the functions of the SRC?


The SRC is an independent commission established under Article 230 of The Constitution of Kenya 2010 with the full mandate to:

  • Set and review the remuneration and benefits of all state officers.
  • Advise the national and county governments on the remuneration and benefits of all state officers
  • Conduct comparative surveys on the current labour markets and trends in remuneration to determine the salaries of government officers.
  • Give recommendations on matters relating to salary and remuneration.
  • Make recommendations on the review of pensions payable to public officers
  • Determine the salaries and remuneration cycle to guide the parliament so that it can allocate adequate funds for easier implementation.
  1. What is KLB in full?

Kenya Literature Bureau

It is a publishing house and a state corporation in Kenya which was founded in the year 1947.

  1. What are the functions of KLB?

It is tasked with publishing and disseminating learning materials.



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