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TSC News Today! Teachers Given 14 Days To Forward Their Views On The Employer’s Service Delivery


TSC Teachers Given 14 Days To Forward Their Views On The Employer’s Service Delivery!

TSC Teachers Given 14 Days To Forward Their Views On The Employer's Service Delivery!

One of the core values of the Teachers Service Commission( TSC) is Customer Focus. The Commission places the Customer first by upholding the philosophy of Customer driven-Service delivery. Her Employees are expected to demonstrate a high level of responsiveness to the customer needs.
It is from this background of providing great service to customers that the teacher employer has invited views of teachers and other stakeholders on the same with the sole objective of improving service delivery. This process not only targets service delivery to teachers but also better the commission’s customer experience.
Information reaching our desk is that a Circular dated June 16, 2022, and countersigned by the TSC director of Administrative Services, Ibrahim Mumin, has requested all Regional and County Directors to collect views from staff in all Sub-Counties, key stakeholders, and the teachers within their jurisdiction on how the commission can improve its service delivery on its constitutionally stipulated functions and critical business.
Mumin Observed in 16th June Circular, “In the realization of its Sevice Delivery Re-engineering strategy, the Commission has embarked on a Business Programme targeting the TSC Core functions. This will entail identification of gaps and redesigning some of the key processes to address emerging issues and improve customer experience”.

Deadline Of Submission

The Circular as copied to the Commission Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Nancy Macharia, directs the TSC Regional and County Directors to wind up the assignment by the 29th of June 2022.
Teachers are expected to offer their views on the following TSC services:
  1. Registration
  2. Recruitment
  3. Transfer
  4. Teacher promotion
  5. Adjustment of payroll on promotion
  6. Payment of arrears
  7. Management of teachers’ discipline
  8. processing of benefits on exit from service
  9. review of teaching standards
  10. enforcement and compliance
  11. Customer experience
  12. Handling of complaints
Mumin’s Circular read in part,” You are therefore required to collect information from your staff in all Sub-counties, key stakeholders, and teachers in your counties and regions on how these processes, procedures, and functions could be improved”
As part of the re-engineering process for service delivery, the Commission has automated some of its processes including registration, recruitment, promotion, and transfer of teachers. However, according to the commission, some emerging issues in the implementation and the dynamic nature of quality service have necessitated the need for continuous improvement.

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