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TSC Letter of Probationary Appointment; Newly recruited teachers worried following the elongation of TSC probation period


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TSC letter of probationary appointment; Newly recruited teachers a worried lot following the elongation of TSC probation period

Last month, over  11000 teachers qualified to fill advertised TSC slots lots  in secondary and primary schools countrywide having posted exemplary results during TSC interviews conducted by the commission.

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The said teachers are now patiently waiting with their arms crossed  following the suspense surrounding 2020/2021 TSC posting letters.

 In leu of a posting letter, a TSC teacher can receive a regret letter if upon scrutiny of the affected teachers’ academic credentials,  discrepancies and inconsistencies arose.

Now, a posting letter also referred to as letter of probationary appointment spells out the conditions upon which a teacher has been hired.

The letter is usually sent through the school that you applied to teach and upon receiving it, you have up to 14 days grace period for you to officially report to the school where you have been posted.

The Headteacher or principal then writes a casualty to TSC signaling that you have accepted the offer and reported to work.

Futhermore, the probationary letter of appointment is supposed to be signed by the employeee upon which  a copy is sent to the TSC headquarters and another one to the tsc subcounty director. The third copy shall be kept by the newly employed teacher for future reference.

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The letter clearly stipulates the terms of employement such as probation for a period of six months. However, in the most recent advert, TSC indicated that the period may change to 10 years.

An exerpt of a posting letter

During probation, teachers are supposed to put their best foot forward because employement may be terminated if perfomance isn’t satisfactory.

It’s after that period that a teacher now applies to be confirmed on permanent and Pensionable terms.

Other contents of the posting letter include salary and allowances payable, condition of accepting to work for 5 years before seeking a transfer, conditions to be ready to work in any part of Kenya and entry job group.

Secondary teachers enter at job group K for the degree holders while those with diplomas enter at job group J . Those in primary enter in job group B5 as primary teacher one.

Do you think TSC is fair on it’s plans to elongate the probation period? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.


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  1. Lucy says

    Am just worried because it’s my 10th year since I graduated and I have never been employed.What can I do?

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