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TSC Budget 2021/2022: How TSC will spend the 281.7 Billion Budgetary Allocation for the 2021/2022 Financial Year

Tsc budget 2021/2022

TSC Budget 2021/2022: How TSC will spend the 281.7 Billion Budgetary Allocation for the 2021/2022 Financial Year

TSC Budget 2021/2022: How TSC will spend the 281.7 Billion Budgetary Allocation for the 2021/2022 Financial Year

Just like any other government body, the Teachers Service Commission has got an estimation of its expenditure and income for a period of one year technically referred to as a budget.

Since the Commission draws its cash for operational costs from the exchequer, the Treasury has an upper role in determining how much the Teachers Service Commission bags in form of the annual budgetary allocation every June- the start of a new financial year.

The Commission thereafter has to work with the amount it has been allocated to ensure effective operations within all the departments.

If the Commission needs more money let us say for teachers’ promotions or annual increment, it has to be budgeted for in advance through formal channels such as the select parliamentary Education Committee.

TSC New Budgetary Allocation 2021/2022

This month of June marks the end of 2020/21 financial year.

In preparation for the next financial year, the government led by finance minister Ukur Yatani presented and read the budget today and allocations for each ministry.

According to what was allocated to education ministry, it seems that other sectors will gain while others will lose hence will be forced to scale down their expenses.

The greatest beneficiary will be early learning and basic education that was allocated 104.0billion from 99.4 billion that was equated to addition of 5%,and teachers employer TSC that was allocated 281.7b from previous 274.0b translating to 3% increase. The government has further given to 12b to free primary education, 1b for the new CBC curriculum and 2.5 b making them main gainers of the next financial year budget.

On the other hand ,university education will be the loser in the coming year as it has got budget cuts amounting to 9% after receiving a lower budget down from 109.3 to 100.0% .

Therefore though we have this gaps in the education sector, it also means that the gainers need to spend wisely as the losers need to sit and cut their expenses so that all their needs will be met.

TSC Recruitment 2021/2022

Having received the lion’s share of the 500 billion allocated for the education sector, part of the 280 billion set aside for the Teachers Service Commission will be used to cater for recurrent expenditure which encompass teachers’ monthly salaries and replacement of teachers who exit service through natural attrition or retirement.

On this year’s new recruitment of teachers by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC; the Treasury has allocated a total of 2.5 billion for the employment of more than 5, 000 teachers to ensure a smooth roll out if the new Competency-based curriculum.

TSC Teachers’ Annual Increment 2021/2022

Now that the budget has been made public, teachers employed by the Commission on permanent and pensionable terms especially classroom teachers without administrative roles are hoping for an annual increment having received a raw deal in the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA.

Teachers’ unions have raised eyebrows on the slow manner in which the TSC is handling the issue of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA 2021-2025 which from the look of things will favour classroom teachers.


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