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Patient slits his throat using a broken florescent tube at the Mbagathi Hospital Infectious Disease Unit

Coronavirus patient attempts suicide at the Mbagathi Hospital

Mbagathi Hospital. Image Courtesy

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Patient slits his throat using a broken florescent tube at the Mbagathi Hospital Infectious Disease Unit

A 30-year-old Covid 19 patient at the Mbagathi Hospital’s Infectious disease unit slit his throat using a broken florescent tube in his room on April 27.

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The man had been admitted to the hospital ward on Saturday April 25 at around 6 pm and informed that he will have to spend 14 days at the isolation center.


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The medics on duty discovered what he was up to when they heard him struggle and rushed to rescue him.

He was later treated and counseled.

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β€œWe told him he is young and will recover. We informed him he was not the only one who was sick and all shall be well,” said a health official.

Beefed Up Security

Security and surveillance have since been beefed up to ensure that his safety and that of others.

Coronavirus isolation centers have proved to be a nightmare especially for those who view them as prison centers that curtail their freedom of movement and association.

The patient is among the 343 confirmed coronavirus positive cases in Kenya as of April 26, 2020.

The patients are currently being attended to by special medical personnel in various isolation centers among them some boarding schools.

Besides, The President on Saturday announced that cessation of Movement into and out of Nairobi Metropolitan area, Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties will be extended for the next 21 days to curb the spread of the virus.

Security will also be tightened in Kenya’s porous borders which have proved to be the weakest links in the fight against covid-19 in Kenya.

β€œTo ensure that porous borders and security threats do not compromise our response, the security services will upgrade their response measures,” said President Uhuru.





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