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Mbagathi Hospital disowns recycled masks being hawked in the streets

Mbagathi Hospital. Image Courtesy

Mbagathi Hospital disowns recycled masks being hawked in the streets

In Summary:

Mbagathi Hospital has refuted claims doing rounds in the social media alleging that the recycled masks being sold to unsuspecting, innocent Kenyans are from the facility.

Mbagathi Hospital’s board chair Dr. George Osewe made it clear that the facility burns all its waste. Besides, there is no proof whatsoever that the recycled masks are from Mbagathi.

This comes after a video of a man washing masks and airing them to dry with the intention of hawking them went viral.

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Mbagathi Hospital’s management has denied claims linking the facility to the recycled masks that are now being sold to unsuspecting Kenyans in the streets.

Responding to the numerous social media posts pointing fingers at the facility which is the biggest coronavirus isolation center in Kenya, Dr. Osewe the board chair said that Mbagathi Hospital burns all its waste.

Besides there is no incriminating evidence linking the facility to the recycled masks now being hawked.

This clarification comes after a video of a man washing used masks and airing them to dry so that he can sell them to unsuspecting Kenyans went viral.

“We as the hospital management and board members wish to categorically state that all used masks of the hospital wastes are incinerated in the hospital incinerator,” said Dr. Osewe.

Mbagathi Hospital board has however launched investigations into the allegations.

“We care about the general population as regards to their safety. At this time where we have the covid 19 as a hospital, we are taking preventive measures seriously and cannot conduct actions that put public lives at risk,” added Dr. Osewe.

Increased demand

The allegations come in the wake of increased demand for face masks in Kenya after the Government’s directive that all Kenyans put on face masks while in public places.

Some institutions such as banks and supermarkets have resorted to turning away customers trying to access their facilities without putting on masks.

In response to the ticking time bomb, CS Mutahi Kagwe advised Kenyans to dispose of used masks properly either by burning or tearing them to prevent recycling.


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