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Sironga Girls High School Online KCSE Results-Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec

Nguviu Girls High School Online KCSE Results-Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec

Sironga Girls High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results

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Sironga Girls High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results and Form One Admission 2022-Sironga Girls High 2021 KCSE Results Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022; Current (2021) KCSE School Mean Score (8.76), Number of As(3), A- Minus(30), Grade Summary, Distribution & Rank-Position 94 Nationally


Sironga Girls High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results and Form One Admission 2022-Sironga Girls High 2021 KCSE Results Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022; Current (2020) KCSE School Mean Score (8.2), Number of As, A- Minus, Grade Summary, Distribution & Rank-Position 95 Nationally

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Sironga Girls

OFFICIAL KCSE Results 2021/2022 for Sironga Girls High School

Click HERE to get the KCSE 2022 Results for Sironga Girls High School once this year’s KCSE results are officially released. The school’s current mean score is 8.76 (KCSE 2021). In KCSE 2020, Nguviu Girls posted an impressive mean of 8.209. The school presented 460 candidates for the KCSE 2021 exams. Out of the 460 KCSE 2021 candidates, 451 attained the minimum entry grade- C+ to universities and colleges under KUCCPS sponsorship in 2022. The KCSE 2021 grade distribution for Suironga Girls High School is as follows: A(3), A-(30), B+(74), B(164), B-(99), C+(81), C(6), C-(1), D+ (1), D(1). Click HERE to view complete results.

See Also: KCSE 2021 Top candidates nationally.

Sironga Girls High School Posts Stellar Performance during the KCSE 2021-2022 Results, Check out the School’s KCSE 2021 results, Mean score, grade distribution, candidature-enrolment rates, number of As, ranking, mean grade summary, and previous KCSE Results (2020, 2019) on our website at newspro.co.ke


Official 2021 KCSE Mean Score, Rank/Position, Grade Summary, and Distribution for Sironga Girls High School

Sironga Girls High School posted an impressive mean of 8.76 during the KCSE 2021 KNEC Results released in April 2022.


Grade Entry
A 3
A- 30
B+ 74
B 164
B- 99
C+ 81
C 6
C- 1
D+ 1
D 1
D- 0
X 0
Y 0


Current- 2020 KCSE Mean Score and Grade Summary  and Distribution for Sironga Girls High School as of May 2021-2022


Grade Entry
A 0
A- 17
B+ 68
B 86
B- 106
C+ 64
C 37
C- 11
D+ 3
D 0
D- 0
X 0
Y 0




Sironga Girls High School posted an impressive mean of 8.2 during the KCSE 2020 KNEC Results released in May 2021.







2021 KCSE Results; Special Credits for Sironga Girls High School


Worth noting is that during the KCSE 2021 Results released in April 2022 for the School 98% of its KCSE 2021 candidates attained the minimum direct entry grade to the university under full government sponsorship-KUCCPS in 2022.




KCSE Results from 2021-2022; Click HERE to Get your individual KCSE Results via  Premium KNEC SMS CODE 20076

KCSE Results in 2021-2022 for the Whole School; Click HERE to access KCSE 2020-2021 Results for the Whole School

Sironga Girls High School KCSE 2021/2022 Results- A Comprehensive Performance Analysis & Grade Count Summary for Sironga Girls High School, one of the KCSE 2021 Top Ranking Secondary Schools Nationally and in Nyamira County, Nyanza Region


We have provided a comprehensive analysis of the school’s recent KCSE results on our website. Click on the following link to access Verified KCSE 2021 Results for all KCSE Top performing schools; official KNEC Results Portal.


Get a detailed analysis for Sironga Girls High School School’s KCSE 2021 mean grade count summary for the whole school and other KCSE top-performing and best ranking secondary schools across the  47 counties HERE; KCSE 2020-2021 OFFICIAL AND VERIFIED KNEC RESULTS PORTAL


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About Sironga Girls High School


Category; Public, government-sponsored

Admission Policy; 100% transition

Form Admission; Dictated by the Ministry of Education guidelines including KCPE merit, Affirmative Action, and Regional Balance


Sironga Girls High School 2022 Form One Selection; Admission Letters and List

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Admissions: form one selection, application, enrolment rate, criteria, and requirements, admission letters, and placement list

The school admits at least 300 students per year.  This cohort is usually selected by the Ministry of Education to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all students in Kenya. The selection of students to the school is evenly distributed across all the 47 counties in Kenya.

The main selection criterion when it comes to Form one selection and placement is the students’ previous performance in KCPE results.

Interested applicants should however tender their interest when selecting their preferred secondary schools at the primary level long before the KCPE results get released.

Worth noting is the fact that picking the school as your first choice is not a direct ticket to the institution. Any student who wishes to join the school must attain the pass mark set by the Ministry of Education.

Form one admission: form one selection: criteria, list, and letters (Calling/placement Letters)

Unlike in the past when some parents and school heads could influence the form one selection list, this year’s selection is done by the MOE and it is purely based on the student’s KCPE marks.

Click HERE to access form one school selection system for national schools.

Have you been selected to join this school? Congratulations on making it this far. For a full list of all students who have been selected to join the institution at form one level, you can visit the school’s portal online or the institution.

To access your form one school placement letter, click HERE.


Admission Requirements

Upon admission, you are expected to carry the following:

  1. Admission letter
  2. Primary school Leaving certificate or a letter of identification from the student’s former school
  3. A copy of your birth certificate
  4. Two recent passport-size photographs (NOT PHOTOSHOPPED) duly signed and stamped at the back by either your former school head or clergyman.

On the official reporting date, parents are advised to strictly adhere to the stipulated timelines for admission.

Fee structure, Account number, and Branch

Upon admission, students are expected to pay school fees as per the stipulated timeline. The fees should be deposited in the school’s account number provided in the student’s admission letter.

When depositing fees, the student should indicate the name, form, and admission number correctly to avoid confusion.

Other charges include school ID-Kshs 200.


The above fee is exclusive of school uniforms and other personal effects.

The commission shall be levied on crossed money orders or upcountry cheques.

Sponsored students should produce a letter of commitment from their sponsors.

Personal cheques shall not be accepted.

Payment in cash will not be accepted.

The fee structure for the whole year is usually attached to the student’s admission letter.


School Uniform

Students can buy school uniforms during the official reporting date in school or from any other uniform centers and outlets that stock them.


Pay bill

To be updated soon.

Curriculum and subjects offered

The school offers a broad 8-4-4 curriculum to accommodate the wide range of learners’ needs.

The subjects offered include Maths, English, Kiswahili, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, CRE, Agriculture, Business Studies, Physical Education among others.





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