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MOE Dates & Venues For National Primary And Secondary Schools Athletics Championship


Just In-MOE Circular: Dates & Venues For 2022 National Primary And Secondary Schools Athletics Championship.

Just In: Dates For 2022 National Primary And Secondary Schools Athletics Championship.

Athletics and Sports enthusiasts, in general, have something to smile about following a communique dated 22nd June 2022 from the Ministry of education(State Department Of Early Learning & Basic Education) as issued to all Regional Directors Of Education, All-County Directors Of Education, and All Sub- County Directors of Education concerning the Official Dates for the 2022 national Primary and Secondary Schools’ athletics championships
The Following is part of the actual letter as seen by the Newspro media Team:

RE: Dates For The 2022 National Secondary And Primary Schools Athletics Championship In Kigari, Embu, And Machakos Teacher Training Colleges.

The Ministry of Education closed all learning institutions on the 15th of March, 2020, as one of the core measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic
This closure led to the disruption of all education programs in the Country including Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). All Sporting activities were suspended.
The MOE in consultation with Key stakeholders has decided that Co-Curricular activities resume gradually. However, due to the short academic calendar, it has been resolved that in term one of 2022, the primary and secondary schools compete in athletics at all levels, to prepare the qualifying athletes to participate in the world under 20 trials.
The dates and venues for the National Championship are as follows:
Primary School Athletics
Kigari TTC
2nd-4th July 2022
Secondary School Athletics
Kigari TTC
3rd-7th July 2022
Secondary and Primary Schools SNE
Machakos TTC
2nd-4th July 2022
By 30th June 2022
The following conditions should be observed among others during the championships:
  • Incorporation of a Medical Officer from the Ministry of Health in the championship to advise on safety and health standards
  • The number of participants will be 20 boys and 20 girls
  • The number of competition days and number of officials should be at the lowest level possible to cut on the costs.
During the National Championships, the Regional will take care of all the team officials(Team managers, chaperons, Coaches, and Drivers among others) while the Ministry Of Education headquarters will finance the Championship administration cost.
The purpose of this letter is to advise all the Sub-County, County Directors, and Regional Directors of Education to start planning, organizing, and coordinating the championships at their specific levels.



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