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2023/2024 Form One Selection and Reporting Dates

2023/2024 Form One Selection Results and Reporting Dates

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2023/2024 Form One Selection Results and Reporting Dates

Following the official release of the 2023 KCPE results on Thursday November, 2023, the cabinet secretary in charge of Education confirmed that all the 1.4 million KCPE candidates will automatically get placed by the Ministry of Education to join various sub-county, county, extra county, and national schools in the third week of January between January 14, 2023-January 19, 2023. The tentative form one reporting date for this year’s KCPE candidates is on Monday 14th January, 2023.

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Only six cases of attempted cheating were reported during the KCPE 2023 national examinations which were administered between November 1, 2023- November 3, 2023.

The CS Education briefed the President about the KCPE 2023 results on Wednesday November 22, 2023 before he was given the greenlight to release the results to the general public. Worth noting is the fact that the KCPE 2023 results were released barely three weeks after the candidates sat for their last paper.

2024 Form One Joining Instructions – Latest Education News


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In preparation for Form One admission, schools are required to make changes to their previous letters through an online tool to reflect joining instructions for the 2024.

This is to inform you of the following guidelines;

  1. Use the link to check whether your joining instructions are in the (https://script.google.com/a/macros/ict.go.ke/s/AKfycbyL_jTGaCo6k9uFMdCMJo-Β F_iNh33lZJRGRaYnnQI5ZtAIQQiPe/exec
  2. Select County and Sub- County of your school, then Select your
  3. If the system prompts you to sign in, use your school email addressΒ (Gmail Account).
  4. If your letter is in the system, edit the information to the new changes for joining instructions

NB: Do not edit the first page apart from changing the year to 2024

In case the school’s joining instructions is missing, the system will prompt the Principal to upload the joining instructions in the system from their computer. The Principal should ensure that;

  1. The first page is as the attached copy (school logo/address on the first page only) and should not be
  2. The letter should be in MS-word
  3. The letter should be submitted as one document
  4. The document should be named using the school’s KNEC (e.g., Meru School save asΒ 15300002).
  5. Avoid heavy graphics like maps and pictures in the letter.
  6. In case the principal experiences any challenges, they are requested to contact the following numbers: Lawrence Karuntimi: 0721142565, Patrick Njoroge: 0722823971. 

    Meanwhile schools are requested to provide their email addresses as well as well as that of the person in charge of ICT to their respective County Director for compilation and forwarded to Lkkaruntimi@gmail.com.Β Schools should not send the information directly but through the CDE. In addition, take note of the following: –

    • The tentative Form 1 reporting date is 14th January, 2024.
    • Schools must not direct parents to procure uniforms or any other materials from a central At the same time, schools should not ask parents to come and buy items in the school.

    Please expedite.

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