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MoE Calendar (Dates) of Co-Curricular Activities – Games, Sports, Drama and Music Festivals 2021-2022

Moe calendar for co-curricular activities 2021-2022

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MoE Calendar and Dates of Co-Curricular Activities – Games, Sports, Drama and Music Festivals 2021-2022

MoE Calendar (Dates) of Co-Curricular Activities - Games, Sports, Drama and Music Festivals 2021-2022

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Following the fast spread of the novel Corona virus pandemic pandemic in kenya last year,the government of Kenya decided to band activities that encourage masses or crowds including co-curricular school activities such as games, sports, drama and music festivals.

Despite all schools reopening for in-person learning in January, co-curricular activities and school parades were still banned to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The good news is that now the ministry has released an official calendar of activities 2021 for school games and Sports and a syllabus to guide drama and music patrons this year.

In the new school calendar which is expected to commence at the end of July this year, games and Sports have been incorporated.

National Championship Calendar for Term One 2021 Games

Between 2nd October 2021 and 10th October 2021 the national championship for term one games activities in Nandi County are expected to begin,preceded by referees clinic which will occur between 2nd to 4th October 2021.

The deadline for county games will be 11th September and regional sports competition by 28th September 2021.

List of Games and Sports

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Games and sports included in term 1 are; Cross country, athletics, basketball, hockey and handball and national championship is set to occur during term one holiday.

Term two games and sports on the other hand are scheduled as follows  and the activities will include; soccer under 19, racket games, volleyball,and netball.

Between 11th and 19th December 2021, national championships will be held in Embu county, preceded by referees clinic as from 11th to 13th December 2021.

On the other hand sub county and regional competitions are scheduled to end by 13th and 27th November, 2021 respectively.

Drama and Music Festivals 2021

The Education Ministry has at the same time released the syllabus for this year’s drama and music festivals.

Patrons are expected to start training and preparing their teams.

Here is an excerpt of the ongoing preparations for the 2021 drama and music festivals.

The 2021 syllabus and pieces are now available just received them.
Syllabus 350
Music pieces 300
Elections 150
German ,French Arabic also available.


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  1. Nickson makhanu says

    Thanks for bringing back co_curriculur activities..my concern.basing the fate of the p1 teachers ,,,when are they upgrading..though my concern

  2. Brian Munene says

    Thanks for bringing back cocurricular activities. Though schedule dates are only for athletics/games, what are the dates for drama and music?

    1. News Pro Team says

      They will be updated soon.

    2. Joseph says

      Need the dates for Drama festivals and registration details for primary schoos

  3. GIFT MWAKAI says

    when are the drama and music festival going to start

  4. braina says

    when is drama and music fest beginning

  5. Emmanuel says

    When is the drama and music for primary school?

    1. News Pro Team says

      Hi Emmanuel. Thanks for your question. We will update you once those details are availed by the ministry.

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