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KNEC Finally Confirms Pay Day for Supervisors and Invigilators


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KNEC Finally Confirms Pay Day for Supervisors and Invigilators


KNEC Finally Confirms Pay Day for 2022 Supervisors and Invigilators

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KNEC Finally Confirms Pay Day for 2022 Supervisors and Invigilators

When will KNEC Pay 2022 Supervisors and Invigilators?

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, has officially confirmed that the 2022 dues are now ready for payment for all contracted professionals who took part in the supervision and invigilation of the 2022 KCSE and KCPE national examinations between March and April 2022.

According to the council, all supervisors and invigilators will get their rightful dues next week by Friday the 17th of June, 2022.

This follows pressure emanating from different pressure groups including the teachers’ unions and especially members of the august House last week who demanded the appearance of the current Cabinet Secretary for Education Professor George Magoha to elucidate and shed light on the delayed payment for center managers, supervisors, and invigilators this year.

Knec Put to Task over Delayed Payment of 2022 Supervisors and Invigilators; Check the Latest Knec Payment Rates and Allowances Below

In spite of Invigilators and Supervisors being paid a pittance for the demanding task of manning the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE and the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE national Examinations, the Kenya National Examinations Council Knec has gone a notch higher, and escalated teachers’ troubles by constantly delaying their payment.

Last year, the Knec contracted professionals were paid two months following the release of the Knec results.

This has forced members of Parliament led by Bomet Central legislator Honourable Ronald Tonui to intervene and demand explanations pertaining to this long wait.

Last week, the Members of Parliament demanded that CS Magoha appears before the Parliament to explain why Knec was yet to pay supervisors and invigilators. This has been the trend for the past few years and it is really disheartening.

Review of KNEC Payment Rates for Centre Managers, Supervisors, and Invigilators 2022-2023

Honorable Tonui who also serves as the KUPPET assistant national treasurer called for a review of the 2022-2023 KNEC payment rates citing protests from teachers who are put through hard times when manning the national examinations.

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Knec however maintained a non-committal attitude towards increasing the payment rates per day for center managers, supervisors, and invigilators.

Confirmed KNEC Pay Day for Supervisors and Invigilators

The confirmed payday for 2022 KNEC supervisors and invigilators is by June 17, 2022.

KNEC List of Contracted Professionals 2022-Centre Managers, Supervisors, and Invigilators Set to Receive their Dues Next Week

Knec has already listed supervisors and invigilators who will receive their payment next week. Their names and other crucial details such as phone numbers are already in the online  KNEC attendance register.

Kindly note that some center managers, supervisors, and invigilators will not get paid a single penny, especially those deployed to centers where KCSE results were either withheld or canceled.

Now all eyes are trained on KNEC to see whether it will release the payment for the two supervisors and invigilators posted to man the 2021 KCSE examinations at Oriwo Boys High School, a KCSE top-performing school whose results were withheld awaiting the verdict of the council for over 14 days. Click HERE to check out how Oriwo Boys performed in the withheld KCSE 2021 national examinations.

KNEC Payment Rates for Centre Managers, Supervisors, and Invigilators 2022-2023

The table below summarizes the payment rates for 2022-2023 knec Contracted Professionals:

Contracted Profesional Exam Region Pay Per Day Total Days engaged Total Pay
Centre Manager KCPE All Regions Sh500 4 Sh2,000
Centre Manager KCSE All Regions Sh500 18 Sh9,000
Invigilators KCPE All Regions Sh538 3 Sh1,615
Invigilators KCSE Nairobi & Mombasa Sh580 17 Sh9,860
Invigilators KCSE Other Regions Sh460 17 Sh7,820
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Supervisors KCPE All Regions Sh621 4 Sh2,485
Supervisors KCSE Nairobi & Mombasa Sh695 18 Sh12,510
Supervisors KCSE Other Regions Sh630 18 Sh11,340
Security Officers KCSE All Regions Sh420 16 Sh6,720
Drivers KCSE All Regions Sh405 16 Sh6,480


How to access the Knec 2022-2023 Contracted Professionals list

To get the list of contracted professionals, assigned to your school, use the procedure below;

  • Log onto the KNEC contracted portal by using the official address; https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • Enter the User Name (Starting with the KCSECentre code) and password (Specific to each center and held by the center manager).
  • Next, input the approximate distance between the center/ school and the exam distribution center.
  • Then log onto the center’s account.


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