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2023/2024 KCSE Results of Trans Nzoia County; Top 100 Schools and Students


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KCSE 2023-2024 results and ranking list for all schools per County: Trans Nzoia County merit list

St Brigid's Kiminini High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results and Form One Admission 2022-St Brigid's Kiminini High 2021 KCSE Results Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022; Current (2020) KCSE School Mean Score (9.85), Number of As, A- Minus, Grade Summary, Distribution & Rank-Position 8 Nationally


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KCSE 2023-2024 results of Trans Nzoia County

Segero Chesowos Adventist School and Boma Boys High schools emerged among the top performing schools in KCSE 2023, January 2024 results of Trans Nzoia County. The little-known extra county school produced 6 A-. Valencia Kapkarich is one of the top performers from the school. The school posted an impeccable mean of 9.9 B- plus, surpassing the set target of 9.5 B. 34 KCSE 2023 candidates from the school attained B+, 9B and 1 B-. At Boma Boys High School, Mulinya Samuel Chai topped the chart after scoring a whopping A plain thus emerging top in Trans Nzoia County.

KCSE 2023-2024 Top 100 Schools Candidates in Trans Nzoia County

Mulinya Samuel Chai of Boma High emerged top in KCSE 2023, January 2024 results of Trans Nzoia County after scoring an A plain. Other KCSE top performers in the county encompass:


Valencia Kapkarich Segero Adventist High School A- Trans Nzoia Rift valley

KCSE 2022, January 2023 Results of Trans Nzoia County (at a glance)


1 St. Brigid’s Kiminini High School

(Extra County)

10.5  5 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
2 St. Anthony’s Boys Kitale High School 

(Extra County)

10.33 11 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
3 St. Patrick’s Makunga High 

(Extra County)



40 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
4 St. Mark’s Cherangany High

(Extra County)

9.2517 54 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
5 Andersen High School


9.1 70 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
6 St. Joseph’s Boys Kitale High

(Extra County)

8.8 89 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
7 Segero Adventist 8.6  105 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
8 St. Joseph’s Girls  High School 8.2  135 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
9 St. Monica  Girls High School 6.3  248 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley

KCSE 2022 Top-Performing Schools in Trans Nzoia County 

The St. Brigid’s Kiminini High School, St. Anthony’s Boys Kitale School, and St. Patrick’s makunga High are unrivaled in the KCSE 2022 results for Trans Nzoia County.

KCSE Top-Performing Schools in Trans Nzoia County 

1. St Brigid’s Girls Kiminini 10.05 5 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
2. St Joseph’s Boys High School, Kitale 8.45 59 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley
3. St Anthony’s Boys School, Kitale 8.45 60 Trans Nzoia Rift Valley

KCSE 2023/2024 Results for Trans Nzoia County; Top 100 Schools and Candidates

The St. Brigid’s Kiminini High School, St. Anthony’s Kitale Boys School, and St. Joseph’s Kitale Boys are unrivaled in the KCSE 2023 results for Trans Nzoia County. Click HERE to view comprehensive KCSE 2023 results for this county.

KCSE Top- performing Schools in Trans Nzoia County

Get a snapshot of Trans Nzoia County’s creme de la creme schools and candidates in KCSE Results HERE

(Trans Nzoia) KCSE Results 2023 per County; Trans Nzoia County KCSE 2023 Top 100 Schools and Candidates 


KCPE 2023 Key Statistics  and Figures

The top candidate in KCPE 2023 results scored a whopping 428 marks out of the possible 500.

The 2023 KCPE examinations were administered in 28, 533 centers which were strictly manned to ensure integrity.

More than 10 out of 47 counties recorded more female candidates. These encompass:

  1. Mandera 62.77
  2. Garissa 61.44
  3. Turkana 57
  4. Wajir 56.91
  5. Machakos 52.79
  6. Nyamira 52.40
  7. Samburu 52.39
  8. Baringo 52.31
  9. nandi 52.50
  10. Makueni 52.3
  11. Isiolo 48.25

Five Counties recorded underage candidates, 12 years and below. These include:

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  1. Baringo 7.3
  2. Wajir 6.3
  3. Bomet 5.99
  4. Kericho 5
  5. West Pokot- 5.77

Kilifi, Kwale, Turkana and Garissa counties on the other hand recorded overage candidates, 18 years and above.

8525 2023 KCPE Candidates garnered 400 and above.

KCPE 2023 Performance per Subject

English and Kenya Sign Language registered a marked improvement in 2023 KCPE results compared to the 2022 KCPE examinations.

On the contrary, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies recorded a drop in the 2023 KCPE results.

KCPE 2023 Results Performance Per Gender

There was no major disparity in the performance both male and female KCPE 2023 candidates in  Social Studies and CRE. The scores were equivalent.

Females, however, excelled in English, Kiswahili and Kenya Sign Language compared to their male counterparts.

Maleson the other hand performed better in Mathematics and Science.

A total of 8, 525 KCPE 2023 candidates scored 400 and above, a slight drop of 0.60% compared to 9, 443 pupils in KCPE 2022. These candidates will automatically transition to the highly coveted traditional and newly elevated national schools in Kenya.


352, 782 candidates  scored 300-399 marks. They will join top performing county and extra county secondary schools in January 2024.

Below is a complete break-down of the KCPE 2023 Results:

400-500= 8, 525 KCPE 2023 Candidates

300-399= 352, 782 KCPE 2023 Candidates

200-299= 658, 278 KCPE 2023 Candidates 48.49%

100-199= 383, 025 KCPE 2023 Candidates 27.05%

001-099= 2, 060 KCPE 2023 Candidates 0.15%

A total of 1, 406,557 candidates sat for the just-released 2023 KCPE results. This translates to 99.34%.

New KNEC SMS Code for Receiving KCPE 2023 Results

Polite Notice: Kindly Note that KNEC has changed the Knec Code for getting KCPE 2023 Examinations from 20076 to 40054.

2024 Form One Joining Instructions for 2023 KCPE Candidates

All the 2023 KCPE candidates will join secondary schools in the third week of January. Candidates who did not have the golden opportunity of sitting for the 2023 KCPE national tests have been advised to register their details at the nearest education offices so that they can be factored in the upcoming special examination which will be conducted in January 2024 to ensure they continue their studies.

2024 Form One Selection Dates

The 2023 KCPE candidates will be selected to join sub county, county, extra county and national schools in January 2024. All secondary school principals, chief principals and senior principals will report to the nearest education offices on Monday November 27, 2023 to conduct the nationwide exercise. The 2023/2024 form one placement will last two weeks.


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