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Kisii Teacher ‘Accommodates’ Form Three Girl.

What is it with us male teachers and this wamlambez/wamnyonyez generation?


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What is it with us male teachers and this wamlambez/wamnyonyez generation?

Teachers once again are on the limelight for all the wrong reasons. A secondary school teacher has decided to trend. This he painfully achieved by accommodating a form three girl in his house at Itibo shopping centre-Kisii County-on the eve of the world Teachers day, perhaps to celebrate the gains made in the teaching profession since independence! Ok following a tip-off from the members of the public, the police ambushed his residence and found the girl enjoying the privileges that a Kenyan teacher can extend to a school girl! ( (The naivety of these schoolgirls is nauseating!)

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Arrests and medical examination for defilement(Nancy christened it- it is no longer CK but DEFILEMENT!)

Anyway according to citizen TV breaking news, the said teacher has been arrested as the girl goes for the usual medical examination to confirm whether she had been defiled. ( forgive me for not offering the actual details on what really gets examined and the how) This medical matters are too complex to be explained by a common arts teacher )
Let us all wish the said teacher an easy time as he faces the disciplinary hearing from the BOM and the ever-friendly TSC commissioners. Perhaps he needs to exonerate himself by persuading his prosecutors, judges and witnesses that the said girl was trying to protect herself from the Starehe girls Flu heist for she had a sister who had just landed home from the Nairobi based school that evening. The safest abode was her teacher’s residence. Donge? Who will want to get infected with the flu that m sent the entire nation into panic mode especially at the siren-like coughing?

The big question.

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With all these happening, the big question remains: What is really wrong with us? Can’t we just leave these wamnyonyez and wamlambez pretty little things (PLT’s) alone? Save for their blooming and blossoming tender bodies what else can they offer? They are children. This is just the miracle of adolescence. Let their sizzling flesh and faked maturity not confuse you. I am sorely tired of these nasty headlines that taint this noble( read ignoble in the Kenyan context) profession.

What happened to the sapiosexuals?

What happened to sapiosexual male teachers who only get attracted to women, yes women with unmatched mental strength?
This can only be found in mature women and not students!
I personally have a penchant for brainy ladies. You will often find me taking tea and chatting with the female teacher geeks at the pure sciences department not minding that I teach the arts!
It is prudent to mention that I mind the brain more and not the physical appearance. (sura tunaweza share yangu! Ama namna gani my fren?)

The TSC code of conduct, ethics and regulations.

Finally, I feel that I should remind my gender that the following groups of offences lead to automatic dismissal and removal from the register of teachers:
-Sexual intercourse with or without consent
-Sexual harassment or flirtation…yes flirtation
Having reminded (us) of Nancy Macharia’s manual for male teachers, let us all keep safe by completely keeping off this Pretty Little Things(PLT). They are our children by the virtue of fact that we guide and teach them!
(Remember that it is the word of the student against yours! You can’t just make it. We never win such cases! Keep off.

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