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KCPE Results (2022) out Today as Details Emerge on New Knec Standardization Rules for Top Candidates

KCPE Results (2022) out Today as Details Emerge on New Knec Standardization Rules for Top Candidates

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 KCPE Results (2022) out Today as Details Emerge on New Knec Standardization Rules for Top Candidates

KCPE Results 2021/2022

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The latest Knec News Today indicate that cameras are today ready to roll in favour of the live coverage of KCPE 2022 results release today.

Already the CS Education Ezekiel Machogu is headed for State House as tradition demands to present the KCPE results to his Excellency Dr. William Samoei Ruto for endorsement before proceeding to release the results live at the Knec Headquarters dubbed Mtihani House along Dennis Prit Road.

The 2022 KCPE Results Release will mark the very first national task for the new CS Education who assumed office less than six months ago.


2022 KCPE Results To Be Released any Moment 

Prior to the results being made publicly available, the president of the country must first receive a briefing on them to ascertain the results.

President Ruto’s absence however led to the slight delay in the release of the KCPE 2022 results. His return after being away from the country on grounds of work-related issues now spells anxiety for parents and candidates who have been anxiously waiting for these  results.


According to Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, there would be no instances of exam fraud disclosed in the 1.2 million candidates’ results.

“We are announcing KCPE examination results and you will not hear any cases of cheating under the leadership of Machogu. The administration of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) is progressing well and I can assure you, the results will not be riddled with any irregularities,” said Mr Machogu.

The CS informed parents and teachers that the exam results would be released with no doubtful issues.

“No one should peddle misinformation that in such and such place, there are problems. And there will be no problems at all. We will serve our people efficiently and effectively,” said Mr Machogu.

The candidates will report to secondary schools at Form One on January 30, 2023, according to a circular from the Principal Secretary (PS) for Basic Education dated November 1, 2022.

The marking of the KCPE multiple-choice tests and the composition and insha essays is already complete.

KCPE Results 2022 New Standardization Rules

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The English Composition and Kiswahili Insha papers were the only ones that KCPE examiners marked, though.

The modern optical mark recognition (OMR) system was used to mark the multiple-choice exams in the subjects of mathematics, English, Kiswahili, science, and social studies.

An OMR device electronically scores the papers. Specialized scanning is used by the OMR to acquire marked data from candidates’ answer sheets.

The devices operate with a special scanning tool that projects a light beam onto the paper. Because marked regions of the paper reflect less light than the blank ones, they can be identified by the contrasting reflection at specified locations on the page.

Science received 0.82 in the standards for the KCPE examinations in 2021, while mathematics received 0.83.

This means that, for instance, if a candidate receives 40 ticks in mathematics, the maximum possible score is 40 multiplied by 2 multiplied by 0.83, which is 66%, and if the applicant receives 50 ticks, the maximum possible score is 83%, which is the highest grade.

The subjects with the highest scores in the standardized tests were mathematics (83%), science (82%), social studies (83%), and religion (89%), while Kiswahili (91%).

However, several examiners claim that the standardization of the November KCPE tests has changed, particularly for the science, mathematics, and English sections.

Magata Bruce Makenzie
Magata Bruce Makenzie from Gilgil Hill Academy in Nakuru County in March emerged the top candidate in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam after scoring 428 marks out of 500 marks. He joined Alliance High school following a successful 2022 form one selection exercise.

The top mark however dropped by a margin of 5 from the 2020 KCPE examination highest score of 433.

The second best candidate nationally was Momanyi Ashley Kerubo with 427 from Maikini School Kibos, followed by six candidates who scored 426 marks.

In KCPE 2021 results, 11,857 candidates scored above 400 marks in the exam, up from 8,091 and 9,673 who hit the mark in 2020 and in 2019 respectively.

Those who scored more than 400 marks in 2021 KCPE exams were assured of places in the national schools.

Candidates registered improvement in six of the nine papers, including English Composition, Kiswahili Language, Kiswahili Insha, Sign Language Composition, Science and Social Studies



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