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Form One Placement list and selection Results for National Schools 2021: More Slots up for grabs in 2021 after fewer candidates score 400 marks and above

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Form One Placement list and selection Results for National Schools 2021: More Slots up for grabs in 2021 after fewer candidates score 400 marks and above


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The scramble for form one Placement to national schools has officially kicked off with parents whose KCPE 2020 candidates attained between 380-400 marks eyeing the prime slots.

Form one selection, criteria process and placement to national schools 2021

The declared capacity of Kenya’s national schools still stands at 30,000.

No that fewer candidates attained the passmark that is 400 marks and above, 22,000 extra slots are up for grabs in the coveted giant schools.

Candidates who scored at least 400 marks and above are therefore guaranteed of receiving form one Placement letters to national schools this year.

To avoid compromising the integrity of the form one Placement exercise scheduled for May 28, 2021, the Ministry of Education employs a water-tight system .

New pass mark for form one Placement to national schools 2021

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The Ministry of Education will automatically lower the pass mark for form one Placement and selection to national schools in 2021 .

This means that the 282,090 KCPE 2020 candidates who scored between 300-399 marks stand a chance of being enrolled in the 106 national schools in Kenya this year.

The National Parents Association chair Nicholas Maiyo has requested the Education Ministry to set the new pass mark to national schools at 370 marks to allow seamless form one Placement of elegible KCPE 2020-2021 candidates.

“Parents are requesting the Ministry to reduce the pass mark to about 370 marks so that more candidates can join their dream schools,” noted Maiyo.

The Ministry of Education has committed to oversee the upcoming form one selection process. A water-tight system will be employed to ensure credibility and integrity.

“To ensure all candidates are placed in their preferred schools based on performance and available vacancies, the Ministry of Education will employ a water-tight system that will preserve credibility and integrity” said Professor George Magoha during the release of the 2020 KCPE Knec results on April 15 2021.

Pre-selection of candidates to national schools in 2021- Parents sound alarm

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Unfortunately, past experience has proved that KCPE candidates who perform better do not get placed in their preferred schools.

This has forced some parents to start booking form one slots in their preferred institutions paving way for corruption.

Confirming these claims, the National Parents Association chair Nicholas Maiyo noted that parents have developed jitters about the 2021 form one selection and placement process this year.

” Many parents have been telling me their expectations may not be met because the number of candidates who scored 400 marks and above have dropped” said Maiyo.

He further noted that the tradition has been that only candidates who attain 400 marks and above are guaranteed national school placement.

Parents are therefore requesting the ministry to reduce the mark to 370 marks to allow more legible candidates to join their dream schools.

The Education Ministry already warned some national schools whose principals were allegedly  involved in irregular selection of learners among them Utumishi Boys.

To view the full list of national schools alleged to have pre-selected KCPE candidates, click on the following link

National Schools accused of irregularly pre-selecting KCPE 2020-2021 top candidates

Form one selection formula 2021

There is however a ray of hope for top candidates since the Education Ministry has confirmed that pre-selected form one Placement lists to national schools will be trashed and the correct form one selection formula which takes into account the candidate’s school choices and affirmative action be employed.

Sources at the MoE have hinted that all eligible candidates stand a fair chance of joining their preferred institutions this year.

Also note that enrolment to national schools in 2021 will not be pegged on high scores only.

Other factors for instance regional balance will influence selection results.

This means that KCPE 2020 candidates who may have scored lower marks but but emerged top in their sub-county may land the coveted 22000 slots.

Form one placement letters for national schools 2021- How to check which school you have been admitted to

To check which national school you have been selected to and download your form one calling/ placement letter, access the MoE portal online.

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