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Do it right! Here is a list of essential documents for filing KRA individual tax returns.

If you have to file your KRA individual tax returns, do it the right way!

Breaking News: Pain as more taxes await retirees and low-income earners in Kenya, by News Pro Media Team

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Do it right! Here is a list of essential documents for filing KRA individual tax returns.

With everyone rushing to file their individual tax returns in time before the June 30, 2020 deadline, News pro team has lined up a full list of essential documents that you must have to avoid any difficulties. The slogan is if you have to file your KRA individual tax returns, do it the right way!

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To start with, it is important to know which tax returns you are filing. There are two main categories: nil returns and individual income tax returns.

Earlier on, we outlined a simplified procedure on how to file both nil and individual income tax returns. Click on the following links to access them:



Another point to note is that individual income tax returns are further divided into those with withholding certificates and those without.


Below is a list of documents that one must have when filing KRA individual tax returns

  1. P9 form

This form is usually generated by your employer for instance the Teachers Service Commission in the case of a teacher.

It is a tax card showing the amount of tax, relief and gross salary paid to you by your employer for the financial year in question.

  1. KRA PIN and Password

These will help whoever is filing the returns to log into the KRA official portal to file your returns.

  1. Bank Details such as name, branch name, city, account holder’s name and account number.
  2. An exemption certificate for those with disability (self and wife)
  3. Employer’s PIN. For example TSC employees can use the TSC PIN which is P051098084.
  4. Name of Employer: For instance TSC in the case of teachers and other TSC employees.


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How to file KRA Tax Returns (individual) online using P9 Form via the official KRA iTax Portal, step-by-step guide

With cyber attendants demanding for up to Kshs 200 service charges upfront in order to file KRA returns using P9 forms for TSC employed teachers, it is important that teachers learn some of these simple procedures and file the returns on their own.

There is no point in paying anyone to do such simple tasks as filing returns or activating your TPAD2 log into the account.

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In our previous article, we offered a very reliable link and simplified procedure for activating your TPAD2 log in account. You can click on the link below for more details


In this article, we shall provide all the requirements and a detailed procedure for filing KRA returns for TSC employed teachers in Kenya  

Requirements for filing KRA Returns for the employed

There are three basic requirements for filing KRA returns through iTax portal that is KRA PIN number, iTax Password, and KRA P9 Form

KRA PIN Number

This can be obtained from your KRA Certificate.

iTax Password

This shall enable you to log onto the official KRA Portal and file your returns. In case you forget your password, you can reset it, give the answer to the security question and click to submit.

A new password will be sent to the email used to register for your KRA PIN which you will use to access your account.

KRA P9 Form

This refers to a tax deduction form indicating your Employer’s Tax PIN, Gross pay, Taxable pay, PAYE and Personal Relief.

A P9 form usually records tax data for one year that is 12 months however, the number of months on one’s P9 form varies depending on the date of employment and the deductions.


How to file KRA Returns using P9 Form

  1. Log onto the KRA iTax portal by clicking on the link provided below https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/
  2. On the spaces provided, use your KRA PIN and iTax password to log onto the iTax portal.
  3. On the next page that will appear, highlight the tab labeled “Returns” then click on the tab labeled “File Returns” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. On the next page, fill all the mandatory fields starting with the “Tax Obligation” –Income Tax-Resident Individual (for Kenyan residents with employment income) then click on Next.
  5. At this stage, download the Income Tax Resident Individual Form in Excel format since the zipped folder will force you to unzip it later.
  6. Enable Macros on the Excel sheet because the default macros on the Excel sheet in Microsoft Excel 2007 cannot work in this case for it is disabled.
  7. Once the form opens in Excel, complete the following four parts using the correct details: Basic info, Employment Income, Details of PAYE Deducted and Tax Computation




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