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Diamond Platnumz Biography: age, birthplace, wives (women), children, career, songs, and net worth

Diamond Platnumz Biography

Diamond Platnumz Biography. Image Courtesy.

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Diamond Platnumz Bio: age, birthplace, wives (women), children, career, songs, and net worth

Diamond Platnumz. Image Hivi Sasa.

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Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz is a highly celebrated Bongo Flava star whose music has been celebrated not only in East Africa but also across the globe.

Besides singing, Diamond Platnumz is a dancer, actor, songwriter and businessman.

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He is the CEO of WCB Wasafi Records, the biggest recording studio that is doing extremely well in East Africa.

WCB Wasafi Records has signed big names in the music industry including Mbosso, Rayvanny, Harmonize, and other upcoming musicians.

His most recent hit song Jeje has attracted over 12 million views on YouTube.


Diamond Platnumz real name

Naseeb Abdul Juma


Diamond Platnumz Birth Place, Tribe, and Age

Diamond Platnumz was born and brought up in Tandale, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz is 30 years old as of the year 2020.

Diamond Platnumz family

His parents are Abdul Juma and Mama Dangote. He has got three siblings: Esma Platnumz, Queen Darleen, and brother Romeo Abdul Jones.

His step-sister Mwanajuma Abdul Juma aka Queen Darleen who is also a musician (her hit song being Kijuso) got married four months ago to a tycoon businessman Isihaka Mtoro in a luxurious private wedding.


Diamond Platnumz Wedding

Opening up about her brother, Diamond’s wedding to the Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna, Queen Darleen said that her brother will not be tying the knot any time soon.

According to her sister, Diamond Platnumz is paranoid about being held up in a marital cage. The two share a lot on matters marriage and from the way he talks about marriage, Diamond Platnumz is not up to the task now.

Earlier on, Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda advised Diamond Platnumz against walking down the aisle for fear of losing his fans that majorly comprise of women.

Diamond Platnumz women, girlfriends

The Iyena hit song maker has always being caught up in love triangles. He has never been consistent, especially when it comes to dating.

Some of the women he has dated include Hamisa Mobetto, Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Jokale Mwelego, Tunda Sebastian.

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Diamond Platnumz & Wema Sepetu

Grapevine has it that Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu are currently seeing each other secretly. Fans want them to reunite since Wema Sepetu was his first love. To date, none of them has responded to these claims.


Diamond Platnumz & Zari Hassan

Although he has never had a lasting relationship, at some point Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan were an item. They even bore two children a daughter Latifa and son Dillan.


Diamond Platnumz children: three sons and a daughter

Diamond Platnumz has earned himself the term Father Abraham because of his promiscuous nature with most of his relationships ending up in a pregnancy.

He so far has four known children: 2 from his Ugandan/South African ex-girlfriend Zari Hassa (a daughter, Latifa, and a son, Dillan).

He also has a son, Nillan with Tanzanian Hamissa Mobetto and yet another with his most recent Kenyan-Italian ex-girlfriend Tanasha Donna Oketch known as Naseeb Junior.


Diamond Platnumz Net Worth

He is the second richest musician in East Africa after Uganda’s Jose Chameleon. His current net worth is approximately $5 million. His major sources of income include brand endorsements, music, and his WCB Wasafi Records.


Diamond Platnumz music, career, and hit songs

Diamond Platnumz came into the limelight after producing his first hit song Mbagala. He has steadily nurtured his talent leading to the production of several hit songs such as

African Beauty

Baba Lao


The One




Iyena (2018)


Yope Remix

He is the current CEO of WCB Wasafi Records, the biggest recording studio in East Africa.


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