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2023 School Calendar Changes; Here are the Latest Changes to this Year’s School Calendar

2023 School Calendar Changes; Here are the Latest Changes to this Year's School Calendar

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 2023 School Calendar Changes; Here are the Latest Changes to this Year’s School Calendar


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2023 School Calendar: The ministry of education is charged with the duty of providing term dates for all schools and colleges in the country. Usually, term dates are given at the beginning of every year to run for the whole year. In the term dates, all important dates and events are captured there. Incase of any amendments mid way, communication is done through a circular, either from the Cabinet secretary or from the Principal secretary for education.


The education principal secretary Belio Kipsang has, in a circular announced fresh changes affecting the term 2 school calendar. The changes made are in the term 2 mid term dates.


In the most recent circular released by the education ministry, term 2 half term dates have been reviewed. The initial half term dates were scheduled to run from 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2023.


However, in the recently released changes, the new half term dates are set to run from the 27th of June all the way to 1st July 2023. The PS made the decision to alter the changes following a request presented to them by Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA).


Ministry Of Educations Makes Changes In The School Calendar


The heads have an important function to attend to during that period. The heads are set to attend a 46th KESSHA conference . The circular giving details of the above information reads as follows;




Reference is made to a letter Ref. KESSHA/NATCONFF/3/VOL.1/23 dated 26th March 2023 from the National Chairman, Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association on the above subject.




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The letter notes that the current scheduled dates for midterm of second term coincides with the dates of KESSHA 46th National Conference.


Ministry recognizes that the National KESSHA Conference is an important event that allows school managers to make a review and share experiences in running of schools.




Consequently, the midterm dates for second term year 2023 has been rescheduled to start from 27th June to 1st July 2023.








All school managers are required to take note and adhere to the changes dates.












After the above changes, now the new term dates are as shown below.



Updated 2023 kenyan schools Academic Calendar

In regards to the above stated changes, all the school heads have been asked to strictly adjust and adhere to the changes. Mid term is an important event in the school calendar and all schools should be allowed to go for the half term. During this period, learners refresh their minds and come back while fresh. No holiday tuition should be conducted.



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