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Expect 2022 Form One Placement Results Today, Says Magoha

Expect 2022 Form One Placement Results by Mid-April, Says Magoha

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Expect 2021/2022 Form One Placement Results Today.

CS Magoha to Release Placement Results by Noon Today

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Stay tuned for the release of 2022 form one Placement Results for 2021 KCPE Results Today at Noon

The CS Education Professor Magoha recently cleared the air on when the 2021 KCPE candidates whose KCPE results were released on Monday March 28 are likely to receive their form one placement results.

According to Magoha, the 2021/2022 KCPE candidates will receive their results after fourteen days.

Official Date for 2022 Form One Placement of 2021 KCPE 

According to the statistics provided by CS Magoha during the release of the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE results in March 2022, the 2021/2022 KCPE candidates will receive their form one admission results and letters starting April 11, 2022.

The CS noted that this year’s KCPE results have been released early to give room for adequate preparation for form one admission 2022 on the part of the parents and guardians.

2022 Form One Reporting Dates

The 2022 form ones are therefore expected to report to secondary schools in early May starting starting May 5, 2022 if all afctors remain constant.

This is simply because the form ones usually report to secondary two weeks after the other students resume studies.


The 2022 term calendar is set to start on April 26, 2022. All continuing students save for the candidates will report back for this year’s first term on April 26, 2022.

Official Form One Placement Portal 2022

Click Here to quickly know your form one placement results and download admission letter.


Select the county and sub-county you sat KCPE then key in your index number and Submit.

Click on the link named “admission letter” at the bottom of the page for a copy of your admission letter.

Use the printer icon to print or download icon to download to your computer.

Get your primary school’s headteacher to endorse the letter and stamp it in the space provided.

Finally, present it for admission together with a certified copy of birth certificate.

New 2021/2022 Form One Joining Instructions; Education Ministry Issues Directives

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In March 2022, the education ministry issued a new directive pertaining the 2022 form one placement and joining instructiuons.

According to the ministry’s circular, all heads of secondary schools should update and upload the 2022 joining instructions to ensure that they are in lne with the directives of the ministry.

New 2022 School Fees Structure

The latest circular issued by the education ministry is intended to ensure that school principals do not hike school fees for parents seeking form one placement and admsission in their schools.

The circular hence directs all school heads of national, extra county, county and sub-county secondary schools to update the joining instructions for form ones to the latest fees structure, medical forms, personal items and other relevant information contained in the 2022 form one placement letters.

This follows a discovery indicating that most secondary schools were yet to update their fees structures in line with the latest guidelines provided by the education ministry.

Below is a complete breakdown of the new 2022/2023 school fees structure

The Ministry of Education has released the 2022/2023 school fees structure for all secondary schools under the government’s Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) programme.

The new guidelines shows the amount of school fees to be paid by parents in National Schools, Extra County Schools, County, Sub-county and special schools. Here are the new guidelines from the Ministry;


Priorities of secondary education are guided by strategic objectives articulated in the Medium Term Plan III (2018-2022) of Vision 2030 and the Constitution of Kenya In this regard, the Government of Kenya (GOK) will continue with its effort to maintain one hundred percent (100%) transition from primary to secondary education.

Hence, the decision to enhance the maintenance and improvement in 2019 to help schools meet some maintenance and development needs will continue to apply in 2022/2023.

This budget component will be used to improve existing infrastructure and in some cases put up new facilities to ease pressure on existing facilities.

The guidance on the use of this vote as provided in 2019 during the actual disbursement of funds will continue to apply in 2022/2023.

Schools will therefore continue to operate with merged votes in 2022/2023 to enable these schools meet some of their critical needs in a flexible manner.


Government subsidy (Capitation) to schools to actualize Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) will be KES. 22,244.00 annually per learner as stipulated in table below;

 Table 1: FDSE Structure

1 Tuition 4,144.00
2 Medical/ Insurance 2,000.00
3 Activity 1,500.00
4 SMASSE 200.00
5 Other Vote Heads 9,400.00
6 Maintenance and Improvement 5,000.00
7 Grand Total 22,244.00


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