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2023/2024 TSC Promotions Underway as Commission Confirms Interview Dates

TSC Promotions Underway as Commission Confirms Interview Dates this November 

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TSC Promotions Underway as Commission Confirms Interview Dates this November 

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has broken the silence regarding the long-awaited for interviews. According to the Commission, teachers who met the prerequisite qualifications are consequently expected to arm themselves by gathering and organizing the following pertinent documents in preparation for the big day:

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According to the latest details seen by our newspro media team, the Commission has shortlisted pre-qualified candidates who will fill the promotion slots advertised in January, 2024. The interviews will be conducted after the release of the 2023 KCSE and KCPE examinations.

We wish the candidates all the best as they pursue their career growth and goals. Read the article below to gather the full details.

TSC Issues Official List of teachers selected for 2023 promotion


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has promoted around 16,000 teachers this year.

In implementing these promotions, the committee took into account professional development standards, regional balance factors, gender equality and affirmative action for teachers from arid and semi-arid districts term.

Teachers who are successfully promoted will hold the positions of Deputy Principal I and II, Master Teacher IV, Principal and Vice Principal II in middle and elementary schools.

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TSC distributed the above teacher promotions evenly across the regions, with Kiambu District seeing the most teachers promoted, followed by Kisii and Kakamega.

To address the shortage of vice principals, principals and teachers, the Commission established standards for the number of administrators that schools must have. Teachers who have taken on temporary assignments will be given priority for promotion. The TSC boss presented a report to the Senate engagement committee on health benefits, employment, promotion and transfer of struggling teachers.

TSC promoted a total of 6,214 instructors who will advance one level and another 5,436 who will advance two levels.

In total, 11,258 teachers in the general framework will be promoted for the 2022-2023 classes.

TSC promotion interviews currently being conducted will result in the promotion of 551 lecturers, with Kakamega being the most promoted. Promoted teachers will be moved to higher levels and promoted through proactive, competitive promotion measures within the fiscal year.

To date, the committee has identified 7,282 primary school teachers ready to transfer to junior secondary schools (JSS).

There is a list of TSC teachers selected for the 2023 promotion


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