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10 Safest places(havens) to live or visit in Kenya

Below is a list of Top 10 havens in Kenya

10 Safest places(havens) to live or visit in Kenya

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10 Safest places(havens) to live or visit in Kenya

Following the fast growth of the Kenyan economy at the moment, most international businesses consider the country one of the safest hubs for their enterprises. Besides, Kenya is home to most tourist destinations ranging from high- end resorts to exotic beaches such as Diani.

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Get a glimpse of Kenya’s top 10 safest destinations in Kenya

  1. Machakos

Also referred to as Masaku, Machakos Town is one of the safest destinations in Kenya. It is located approximately 63 kilometers away from Kenya’s Capital City Nairobi.

Just like its counterpart Naivasha, Machakos Town has got the best hotels that offer great services. The hotels are also good for families that would like to visit the area. Some of its best hotels include 67 Athi Hotel, Machakos Suites Luxury Hotel, Lukenya Getaway among others.

Other best destinations for travelers visiting the town include Athi River, Syokimau, and Machakos town.

  1. Naivasha

Located in Nakuru County, Naivasha is one of the safest places to invest in Kenya. It is strategically located in such a way that one can easily access other major towns within the Great Rift Region such as Nakuru, Baringo, and Eldoret. This makes it viable for any business opportunities.

Besides, the town has got the best hotels for anyone wishing to visit the town. Some of the best Hotels near Lake Naivasha include Wileli House, Kiboko, Luxury Camp, and Lake Naivasha Country Club.

  1. Kiambu

Located within the Nairobi Metropolitan area, Kiambu is another haven in Kenya.

Some of the best hotels within Kiambu include Golf Suites, Verona Hotel, and Conference center, Sovereign Suites, and The Luke Hotel-Cravers.

  1. Nakuru

In February 2020, Nakuru town KTN News desk described Nakuru as slowly edging out other Kenyan towns as a tourist destination. According to the news item, the town was growing into a robust tourist attraction center.

It is the third-largest urban center with a population of over 570, 000. Its greatest merit is the fact that it is cosmopolitan hence able to accommodate people from any part of the world.

Besides, food is locally available given that Nakuru and its neighboring towns such as Molo and Eldoret are agricultural hubs.

It is popular for flamingos, waterbucks, impalas, and hippopotamuses.

  1. Eldoret

Being the principal town in the Rift Valley region, Eldoret is another haven for people from all walks of life. It is popularly referred to as 64 a term derived from Farm 64 or Sisibo which the locals used to refer to the town which was 64 miles away from the Ugandan Railway at Kibigori.

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A few months ago, the Daily Nation described the town as having risen from the ashes. Its current population stands at over 400, 000 and it is one of the fastest-growing towns according to the 2019 census.

Eldoret town is approximately 310.77 km away from Nairobi City.

  1. Nyeri

Given its high levels of safety, Nyeri town is one of the best destinations in Kenya. In November 2019 the Government was forced to construct modern houses to decongest the town. Besides, a new Kshs 600 million matatu terminus was built in June 2019 to decongest the town. These two are a clear indication of how safe Nyeri town is.

Some of the best hotels within Nyeri include Green Hills, Eland Safari, Legacy Gardens, and Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

  1. Watamu

Located approximately 105 km north of Kenya’s Capital City Mombasa in Kilifi County, Watamu is blessed with the best natural environment. It is popular for tourism and fishing.

Its shoreline has got beautiful sceneries including white sand beaches and offshore coral formations.

Some of its best bays are Garoda Beach, Turtle Bay, Blue Lagoon Bay, Ocean Breeze, Kanani Reef, and Jacaranda Beach which are reserved as part of the Watamu Marine National Park.

  1. Kericho

Popular for its overbearing tea plantations, Kericho town is a safe place to be in Kenya.

It has a favorable warm climate for large scale farming.

Its population is over 150, 000.

The town’s strategic location along Kenya’s tourism destinations such as Lake Victoria, Ruma National Park, and the Maasai Mara Game Reserve makes it attractive to many.

  1. Busia

Being a border town, Busia town is a very safe place for investments in Kenya. In 2017, the construction of a one-stop-border-crossing between Kenya and Uganda was completed propelling the increase of trade and human traffic in the area.

In case you are planning to visit Busia for tourism purposes you should pay a visit to the following best destinations: Lake Victoria, Kakapel Monument, Sio Siteki Swamp, River Nzoia, Malaba Sanctuary, Kavirondo Rocks, Yala Swamp, and Samia Hills.

  1. Kakamega

Kakamega Town is one of the “international cities of peace.” With the recently tarmacked roads in Kakamega Town, it is an economically viable town.

Some of the best hotels in Kakamega include Lantana Comfie, Rondo Retreat Centre, and Roddy’s Green Lounge.

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