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Wings to Fly Scholarship 2021; Over 10,500 Scholarship Opportunities Up for Grabs as Equity Invites Applications from KCPE 2020 Candidates 

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Wings to Fly and Elimu Scholarship 2021; Over 10,500 Scholarship Opportunities Up for Grabs as Equity Invites Applications from KCPE 2020 Candidates 

Wings to Fly Scholarship 2021; Over 10,500 Scholarship Opportunities Up for Grabs as Equity Invites Applications from KCPE 2020 Candidates 


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Equity Group Foundation (EGF) has started the process of selecting the KCPE 2020  cohort for the 2021 Wings to Fly scholarship programme in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and the German government through KfW.

A similar process has also begun for the 2021 Elimu scholarship programme currently being sponsored by the World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, MoE implemented through EGF.

The two programmes will run concurrently to offer 10,500 scholarships to pupils from impoverished backgrounds who performed well in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

EGF Executive chair James Mwangi has consequently  appealed to Kenyans of goodwill who are aware of needy but bright children to aid them through the process of applying for the scholarship.

“As Equity, we truly value the role of various partners we work with at the community level to ensure that our selection process is fair and that a vast majority of Kenyans get to hear about the programmes and are guided on how to apply for the scholarships,” said Mwangi.

He further appealed to the candidates to embrace digital applications to minimize hard copy  applications following the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

“We wish to encourage interested applicants to embrace the use of the digital portals as this will minimise paper handling and the risk of exposure to Covid-19.”

EGF Wings to Fly Scholarship 2021


Successful applicants who will bag the 2021 Wings to Fly scholarships will form the 12th cohort and  join other 17,304 scholars who have already benefited from the scholarships offered through the programme.

Elimu Scholarship 2021

Lucky Elimu scholars on the other hand will form the second cohort and join the already existing 9,000 scholars who were commissioned last year.

This brings the EGF beneficiaries to 36,804. The bright but needy 2020 KCPE pupils from the 47 counties who scored 350 marks and above can apply for the 2021 Wings to Fly scholarships.

The 2020 KCPE finalists from financially challenged backgrounds who sat their examinations at public primary schools and scored a minimum of 280 marks can make applications for the 2020/2021 Elimu scholarships.


Candidates from vulnerable or marginalised communities and those with special needs who attained below 280 marks may be considered.

How To Apply

Education CS Prof. Magoha noted that application will be done online via a portal.

“I request all the 2020 KCPE candidates wishing to be considered for the Elimu Scholarship Programme to apply through the online portal https://egfdmis.equitybank.co.ke/.” He says.

As it was the case last year, the Government has again contracted the Equity Group Foundation to assist in the selection process, to ensure it is fair and transparent.

While releasing KCPE 2020 results, CS Magoha thanked Equity bank for working hand in hand with the government in seeing to it that the whole exercise is done effectively and transparently.

“I also thank the Equity Bank Management led by Dr James Mwangi for working with the Ministry to effectively manage the scholarship programme,” stated Magoha.

Other Scholarship openings for needy and/or disabled KCPE 2020 candidates include

Best secondary School Scholarships for KCPE 2020-2021 top but needy candidates in 2021

Some of the available high school admission scholarships in 2021 encompass:

1. Equity Bank Wings to Fly Scholarship

Established on the backdrop of rising numbers of top performing KCPE candidates from marginalized and impoverished areas, Equity bank’s Wings to fly scholarships has so far seen over 26,000 students through high school.

The Equity Group and MasterCard Foundation program offers comprehensive support for the scholars through provision of tuition fees, accommodation, books, uniform, shopping, pocket money and fare to and from school.

Duration: successful applicants will get the aforementioned comprehensive support for a maximum period of 4 years.


The Wings to Fly Scholarship -list of beneficiaries, successful applicants 2021

This year, 10,000 scholars will receive MCF.

Besides financial aid, listed Wings to Fly scholars will be nourished with values, transformative leadership skills and cultural skills laying ground for a holistic development of learners via mentorship.

How to apply for Wings to fly 2021

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Manual applications for the 10,000 slots can be made through any equity bank branch offices, equity agents or through the official Wings to Fly Portal Online.

2. Elimu Scholarship Programme

Established and funded by the Government of Kenya in partnership with Equity Bank and the World Bank, Elimu Scholarship Programme targets orphans, disabled and/or vulnerable children.

Selection Criteria

The applicant must have scored 280 marks and above in KCPE 2020, be orphaned, needy or disabled, must hail from vulnerable communities in the targetted sub-counties.

Candidates who have been neglected, abused or whose parents are disabled or suffering from chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Kidney failure, HIV/AIDS can also apply.


The Scholarship caters for school fees transport to and from school, learning materials and school kit- uniform for the beneficiaries.


How to apply for Elimu Scholarships 2021

To apply, collect the Elimu Fund scholarship application forms from the nearest Equity Bank branch or Equity Bank agent.

Online forms are also available at the Ministry of Education’s website and Equity Group Foundation websites

The filled forms together with relevant documents should be submitted to the nearest Equity Bank branch before the set deadline.

3. KCB High School Scholarships 2021

KCB Scholarships are offered to students with outstanding performance from poor backgrounds.

Each county has its own cutoff marks. Learn more about KCB Scholarship application on our website.


4. Mpesa Foundation Academy Scholarship

Mpesa foundation is sponsored by Safaricom Limited. Unlike other scholarships listed above, this is a school on its own. It is not only about covering tuition fees. Apply for Mpesa Foundation scholarship.

5. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarships

To be eligible for Jomo Kenyatta Foundation scholarship, a candidate must be bright and orphaned or come from a needy family. Persons with disability are also considered for the scholarship. Learn How to apply for JKF Scholarships

6. Family Bank Foundation Scholarship

To apply for Family Bank Foundation scholarship, you must have performed well in your KCPE 2021 exams. Students can start applying for scholarship once they receive admission letter to county or national school. Forms will be available at all Family bank branches. Visit the the one near your county to get one.

7. Cooperative Bank Scholarship

To apply for Cooperative Bank scholarship, you can visit your nearest Co-operative bank branch as soon your receive your placement letter and you will be guided on how to apply.

Other Secondary School scholarship Opportunities in 2021 include

Other secondary school scholarships for KCPE 2020 candidates you might consider applying include:

KTDA Secondary School Bursary Fund
Hilde Back Education Funds
Kenya Education Fund
Beacon Scholarships 2021

NOTE: Application for any of the above listed high school 2021 scholarship opportunities is free. Do not pay.


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