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Unfair Distribution of TSC Promotions Vacancies 2023; Gloom as KUPPET Cries Foul over Limited Teacher Promotions Vacancies 2023

Unfair Distribution of TSC Promotions Vacancies 2023; Gloom as KUPPET Cries Foul over Limited Teacher Promotions Vacancies 2023

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Distribution of TSC Promotions Vacancies 2023; Gloom as KUPPET Cries Foul over Limited Teacher Promotions Vacancies 2023

The giant teachers’ union KUPPET has raised eyebrows over the manner in which the Teachers Service Commission distributed the 2023 promotion vacancies. Check the table below.

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1 Primary Schools 10, 507


2 Secondary Schools 3, 210 2023
3 TOTAL 13, 717 2023


The total number of announced vacancies is 14, 732. The rest are meant for TVETS and SNE schools and regular teachers cannot apply.

In the upcoming TSC promotions 2023, secondary school teachers in C2 and C3 had whet their appetite hoping for more promotion slots now that KUPPET had forced TSC to revoke the advertised promotions vacancies.

Secondary school teachers who have stagnated in one job group for over ten years have however been served a rude shock after TSC announced 10, 507 promotion vacancies for primary school teachers with 3, 210 only going to secondary school teachers.

The latest TSC Promotions News 2023; clearly indicate that many stakeholders are displeased in the shady manner in which the Commission carries out promotion of teachers. Barely a month ago, the Commission was obliged to pull down an advert for the 2023 promotions after KUPPET demanded the inclusion of classroom teachers who have been left out of the TSC “cake” in spite of having extra responsibilities just like the school administrators.

Relevant education stakeholders including members of parliament have asked the Teachers Service Commission to make the promotion criteria very scientific and fair. This will make sure no teacher stagnates in a job group for long. According to Migori branch KUPPET Executive Secretary Orwa Jasolo, “Teachers have suffered untold miseries from TSC, caused by haphazard promotions, with the majority of them having stagnated for a long and eventually exiting service in the same job groups.”

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According to Migori Kuppet Executive secretary Jasolo Orwa said that a section of teachers were never allocated a share in the promotions. He added that all the 110, 000 post primary teachers, only 3000 were set to be promoted which represents 0.2 percent. “The number of Kuppet members set for promotion in the plan is like a drop in the ocean,” Jasolo noted.

TSC is not the only body oppressing teachers on matters promotions, the government has also remained dumb in the face of this oppression with treasury cabinet secretaries snubbing requests and pleas to increase funds for promotions.

Besides, there have been complaints that TSC Promotions favour teachers in national schools.

The Teachers Service Commission therefore needs to be reminded of the fact that all teachers are trained in the same way. The variation in academic performance of learners largely depends on the learners’ academic prowess.

It is high time that the Commission scraps academic performance as a scoring criteria during promotions.

“The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers claims that the scoring matrix and tools used by their employer disadvantage some tutors by placing more weight on their students’ performance as opposed to their individual qualifications” noted the Standard.

Kuppet secretary-general, Akelo Misori, on Wednesday said the Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs) and the Teachers Performance Appraisal Development (TPDS) being used place premium on the category of schools where the applicants serve and their performance.

β€œIt is obvious that county and sub-count

y schools cannot compete fairly with the well-established ones. A glaring difference between the two categories of schools is in the entry qualifications for their form ones intakes,” said Mr Misori.

Kuppet wants all teachers to be allowed to compete fairly regardless of the performance of their schools. Mr Misori said interviews should only be based on the academic qualification of teachers and their competencies.

Three years

TSC introduced the CPGs in 2018 has been using them in promotions, a position strongly opposed by the Kenya National Union of Teachers, which has distanced itself from the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement the bodies signed with TSC. Knut members have been left out of the promotions.

The scoring in the interviews is based on the teacher’s performance, the school mean grade in both school-based and national examinations, among other key indicators.

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