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TVET Institutions to hire 1, 000 Trainers by Next Week, Here is the Procedure on How to Apply for TVET Trainers’ Jobs in Kenya

How to apply for TVET Trainers' Vacancies, a simplified procedure

TVET Institutions to hire 1, 000 Trainers by Next Week, Here is the Procedure on How to Apply for TVET Trainers’ Jobs in Kenya

TVET Institutions to hire 1, 000 Trainers by Next Week, Here is the Procedure on How to Apply for TVET Trainers’ Jobs in Kenya

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How to apply for TVET Trainers’ Vacancies, a simplified procedure

The Government is planning to hire 5, 000 trainers to serve in the various Technical and Vocational Education Training Colleges distributed across the 47 counties in Kenya.

According to Education Chief Administrative Secretary Zach Kinuthia, the recruitment exercise will be extended to 2025. The government plans to recruit 5, 000 trainers in TVET colleges. The exercise is likely to cost the Government Sh 10 billion in salaries.

“We have recruited2, 000 in the first phase and we are now interviewing the second batch of 1, 000 trainers to be employed by next week. This will leave us with a deficit of 2, 000 who will be employed by 2022,” said Kinuthia.


In order to be employed as a trainer in any TVET institution in Kenya, you must be registered and licensed as a trainer.

How to apply for Registration and Licensing as a TVET Trainer in Kenya

Section 23 of the TVET Act, 2013 requires that all TVET trainers/ tutors be registered and licensed by TVET Authority Board.

After the assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, the list of Accredited TVET Trainers shall be posted on the TVET Authority Board’s website.

Training providers are expected to recruit accredited trainers only.

The registration of TVET trainers is done through the TVET online registration platform.

TVET Trainers and industry practitioners can also apply for registration as assessors and/or verifiers for CBET programs in the TVET website.


  1. Access the online TVET registration platform by clicking on this link tveta.go.ke
  2. The link above will take you to the page labeled Institution and Trainer/Assessor/Verifier
  3. If you are a first-time applicant, click on the tab labeled “register” to create an account.
  4. In case you are already registered, kindly click on the tab labeled “Existing”
  5. After creating your TVET account, an email link will be sent to your personal email you provided for activation.
  6. Click on the link to activate the account and set your password.
  7. This portal will redirect you to a page with five areas that you will be required to fill.
  8. Fill in your Personal Information, Contact Information, Education, Experience & Confirmation. Remember to save after every step.
  9. Click on the tab labeled ”submit.” This will redirect you to the TVET licensing page.
  10. Select the area of licensing then click on the tab labeled “Apply”
  11. This will take you to the TVET Payment Page. Click and pay the required amount to finish the application process.

Please note that anyone who contravenes the provisions of the TVET Act (2013) commits a punishable act which upon conviction can attract a penalty of a sum not exceeding one million shillings or a jail term not exceeding three years or both.


You can get in touch with the organization through the following channels:

Email address: support@tveta.go.ke

Physical Address: Utalii House 8th Floor, Utalii Street

Postal Address: 35625-00100

Phone Number: 254 20 239 2140

Cell: 0700 015 440

Website: www.tveta.go.ke



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