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TSC:Good News to TSC Teachers Stuck in Job Group L (Grade C3) as Parliament Forces Commission to do the Following

2021-2025 New TSC Teachers Salaries Processing Status- TSC and SRC in Final CBA Negotiation Talks- Teacher’s to get Pay rise, Salary Increment Starting July 2021

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TSC: Good News to TSC Teachers Stuck in Job Group L, Grade C3 as Parliament forces Commission to do the Following

All teachers hired by the Teachers Service Commission on permanent and pensionable terms are entitled to promotions (some of which are automatic while others are initiated after the teacher attends Interviews) after a satisfactory perfomance as a way of motivating them.

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Tutors hence acquire Promotions automatically for common cadre job groups which include B5 to C1 for primary school teachers working under career progression guidelines.

Diploma teachers on the other hand get automatic Promotions from grade C1 to C2 after three years of satisfactory perfomance.

Similarly, graduate teachers who enter the Profession at job group C2  move to C3  automatically after three years.

Apart from common cadre Promotions, there are competitive Promotions where teachers attend Interviews for them to qualify for higher grades and consequently higher salary perks.

Teachers in job group C3 or L have incessantly been grumbling and expressing their dissatisfaction over stagnation whereby some have overstayed their welcome in L- for over 13 years due to stringent measures used by TSC and corruption at the regional headquarters.

Some white smoke is in the offing since it seems the cries of the affected teachers have been heard as the education committee of parliament has issued directives to the TSC aimed at streamlining Promotions. 

Appearing before the committee yesterday, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia outlined that 3900 teachers will attend Interviews and 460 teachers will soon receive their TSC Promotion Letters having excelled during interviews.


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The MP’s further directed the CEO to ensure that Promotions are fair so that those who merit are promoted.

Mps at the same time asked the Commission to come up with a criteria for promotion whereby the qualified teachers are promoted when their time comes.

Normally TSC Promotes teachers based on availability of funds and vacancies with qualifications coming in last.

TSC was also accused of having deputies act for so long without Promoting them asking TSC to come up with the maximum period one should act before Promotion.

DuringDuri meeting, TSC boss also revealed that the Commission seeking over ksh 25 Billion sot hat it can adequately prepare for the full re-opening of schools next year.

The money will be used to hire and train teachers besides infrastructure development in TSC offices.

Do you think the MPs’ move will address the Misery of Teachers in job Group L? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

Source: standard newspaper.


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  1. David m Ogembo says

    Please Please those who have acted as DHT should be motivated by being confirmed. Those in C2 with a degree in line with TPAD kindly promote them.Lessen the three year to yearly so that we get even energetic administrators because we value Education.

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