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TSC Teachers Pay Back as they Reap Big By Having their Own in Parliament

TSC Teachers Pay Back as they Reap Big By Having their Own in Parliament

TSC Teachers Pay Back as they Reap Big By Having their Own in Parliament

TSC Teachers Pay Back as they Reap Big By Having their Own in Parliament

TSC News Today: Teachers employed and Current serving on the newly introduced career progression guidelines rolled out by the Teachers Service Commission in 2017 have for over a long time had reason to smile today after details emerged about how their seemingly oppressive employer was humiliated in parliamentary sittings this week.

According to the Saturday Nation, the Teachers Service Commission has been accused of infringing on TSC teacher’s rights by forcing them to enroll, undertake and pay for the “mandatory” TSC TPD Training Modules without their consent.

According to verified reports at our disposal this morning, the Busia Member of Parliament Dr. Florence Mutual took to the stage to back up Akelo Misori’s proposal  requesting for the suspension of the mandatory TSC TPD Modules that were meant to last a lifetime especially for newly recruited teachers. According to the honourable members of the national assembly, the roll out the TSC TPD modules is a duplication of in-service trainings for teachers.

Members of Parliament feel that it is better to have TPD incorporated into other TSC in-service training for teachers that are conducted from time to time to avoid burdening the ex-chequer which may be forced to allocate extra funds for the training.


Besides, the cost of training is way to high for teachers who are currently paid a pittance in the name of salary. The training requires up to 30, 000 Kes. Given that teachers have not received any increment in the new 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA, it will be tricky for them to raise extra funds for the TPD training.


The Teachers Service Commission also needs to appreciate the fact that teachers are human beings with various financial burdens to shoulder. Therefore, most of them have committed their salaries already.

Akelo Misori Tramples on TSC TPD Modules

Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission are a lucky lot to have one of their own representing them in the August house for the last five years.




A look at the perfomance of KUPPET national chairman honorable Omboko Milemba who is also MP for Emuhaya, nominated MP wilson sossion and Bungoma women representative Ms Wambilianga reveals a job well done.


First, it’s Omboko Milemba who pettitioned Parliament through education committee to stop TSC from implementing the Controversial TPD which would have seen teachers losing Ksh 6000 towards the modules.


A move by Parliament to stop the Commission from implementing the refresher courses earlier this month was a great win for Teachers of Kenya.



In their Decision, the MPs asked TSC to undertake public participation first before rolling out the training.


Besides, the commission was asked to pay for the modules instead of overburdening the poor Teachers.


Two, nominated MP Wilson Sosion is also on record pettitioning Parliament to look into TSC’s decision to stop promoting teachers who have gone for further studies.


If his prayers are granted by the MPs, TSC will be forced to start promoting teachers with higher qualifications which will be a big win to them as it will come with higher salaries.


Currently, the union leaders are pushing the government to re-look into the non-monetary CBA which was signed last year with a view to increasibg the salaries of lowly paid teachers.


Do you think union leaders are representing tutors better now that they are MPs? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.





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