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 Shocking!This is what is depressing TSC-employed teachers

 This is what is depressing teachers; this list will surprise you!

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 This is what is depressing teachers; this list will surprise you!

The CS Education Professor George Magoha has been called upon to act before teachers go into depression.

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In fact, research has it that unless these issues are addressed, the majority of Kenyan tutors may end up stressed, depressed, or even dead.

This is why our dedicated media team took it upon itself to determine the cause of stress and anxiety despite the fact that the teachers’ employer, TSC has promised not to slash tutor’s pay for the next six months until schools reopen in January 2021.

Teachers are considered a very lucky bunch especially now that most of the employees have either taken huge salary cuts or lost their jobs. However, one man’s poison is another man’s medicine since although teachers will be receiving their full pay, most of them will undergo a lot of pressure resulting from factors unique to the teaching profession as listed below

Ten O’ clock Tea: quite interesting, is it not? Many of you may wonder why a teacher with a comfortably furnished house and maybe a house help to prepare the best tea in the world and in time should be stressed over a tiny cup of poorly prepared and served school tea.

If your sentiments match the ones I have presented above, then you are completely mistaken! The ten O’clock tea is not just tea to teachers. No. It is an opportunity to purge emotions, discuss politics, and other sorts of social banter in the staffroom.

Home tea may be better in terms of quality and quantity but it lacks the magical aspect of the body. The thought that the next time tutors will have a common tea is next year is enough to make many fall into depression.

Peanuts: many Kenyans are green with envy right now since teachers will continue earning intact salaries despite being “idle” as another careless blogger put it.

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They wish they were teachers but they do not have an idea of the kind of shoe that Kenyan teachers are wearing right now.

Teachers earn a salary enough to sustain them and meet their basic needs. If asked, most of them do not have money for luxury such as tourism. If you are keen enough, you will realize that principals are usually over the moon whenever they are called upon to attend KESSHA and KEPSHA meetings annually in Mombasa.

With children at home, teachers are bound to spend more while at home especially on food. If s/he has four adolescent kids, the situation calls for creativity to ensure that they go slow on toilet paper and soap!

Business: many of you may be wondering why teachers are not creative enough to delve into the world of business.  No matter how realistic this idea is, it is completely far-fetched than you can ever imagine.

To start with, most teachers are green when it comes to the murky world of business. How many teachers can comfortably run a bar or serve as bartenders during this covid-19 period for instance?

The society is not that forgiving when it comes to teachers. They will be accused of precipitating moral decay in society.

Besides, many will be more comfortable running businesses in line with their specialty but most private schools have been shut down and parents do not simply have money to waste on tuition.

New-found in-laws: some learners have quickly risen ranks to the level of teachers’ in-laws within the past few months. There is nothing more shameful and depressing like having one of your students or learners graduate to the level of your in-law before the time is due.

Some of those girls who have been reported pregnant are teachers’ children, nieces, cousins, etc. for some of you, it may not seem to be a big deal but teachers have a name and an image to protect. So if a teacher’s kin falls into the trap, it is worth the stress and depression.


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