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TSC Promotions and Salary Rise for Teachers 2021-2022; Details of the New TSC- KUPPET Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA 2021-2025

Tsc promotions and pay rise for teachers in the new 2021-2025 cba

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TSC Promotions and Salary Rise for Teachers 2021-2022; Details of the New TSC- KUPPET Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA 2021-2025

TSC Promotions and Salary Rise for Teachers 2021-2022; Details of the New TSC- KUPPET Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA 2021-2025

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TSC Latest News on the 2021-2025 Teachers’ CBA; Newly Appointed TSC Chair Jamleck Muturi’s Promise about the Implementation of the 2021-2025 CBA

Jamleck Muturi, the newly appointed Teachers Service Commission Chairperson once again promised to implement Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA in full.

He further noted that TSC teachers’ welfare should be prioritized since they do need motivation to exercise theiduties well.

“For the teachers to do their work well they should be motivated,” he said.

Muturi who recently assumed office taking over from his predecessor Lydia Nzomo who left office last year seems committed to fight for the well being of TSC employees.

Muturi’s statement comes at a time when teachers’ unions, the Kenya Union of Teachers KNUT is engaged in endless tussles with the Commission over the unfair   implementation of the 2017-2021 CBA and the introduction of Career Progression Guidelines by the commission.

KNUT is strongly opposed to the introduction of Career Progression Guidelines which replaced the old Schemes of Service being used to promote TSC teachers to higher job groups.

Muturi is therefore expected to handle  the elephant in the room that has been the cause of endless court battles between the union and the TSC, affecting the the membership of the Union and its operations.

Muturi further said he will seek to improve teachers’ quality just like any other professionals by providing post College training for teachers in order to horn their teaching skills.

“This is important for us to bring dignity back to the teaching profession and I will engage all parties involved and address the contentious issues.”

Details on the Kuppet-TSC Retreat at Naivasha Sawela Hotel between March 14 to March 18, 2021 aimed at solving the stalemate surrounding the New CBA 2021-2025

KUPPET recently held a seemingly fruitful retreat at Naivasha to resolve challenges posed by the current CBA 2016-2021 and review the status of negotiations on the new one for 2021-2016.

During the retreat, several issues were addressed bordering on the true worth of classroom teachers without administrative roles, stagnation of teachers at grade C3, Promotion of TTC Teachers, Maternity Leave for TSC intern teachers,  and the career path for diploma teachers.

Below is a quick break-down of the list of issues that the 2021-2025 Teachers’ CBA Seeks to Address 

List of Issues to be addressed by the 2021-2025 TSC- KUPPET CBA

1. TSC Maternity Leave

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The 2021-2025 TSC- KUPPET CBA will pave way for Application for TSC Maternity Leave by currently serving TSC Intern teachers.

This therefore means that the Commission will be forced to broaden its contract terms for intern teachers to accommodate this new provision.

2. Master’s degree requirement for TSC Promotions

The new CBA will also see the Commission suspend the Master’s degree mandatory requirement for Principals or other promotions for teachers.

This is in line with the requirement of a master’s degree for Promotions at job group P and above.

Consequently, post graduate qualifications shall be treated as added advantage as opposed to a mandatory requirement for Promotions within the teaching service.

The union however demanded for a Post graduate allowance for teachers with master’s and PhD degrees irrespective of their job descriptions.

3. AON Minet Medical Cover for Teachers

The union demanded for an inter-parties’ meeting between KUPPET, TSC and AON representatives to address the numerous challenges that teachers face while seeking health care in AON Minet Hospitals.

4. Deployment of P1 Graduate Teachers to Secondary Schools

The Commission agreed to promote an average of 1000 P1 teachers with degrees and deploy them to secondary schools in readiness for the full roll-out of the new Competency-based curriculum, CBC.

The Teachers must however meet the minimum requirements that is KCse mean grade of C+ plus and above and C+ in the two subject areas of specialty.

5. TSC Promotions for C3 Teachers

The new job re-evaluation by SRC in 2021 will see the establishment of better promotional opportunities for C3 teachers in C4.

The Commission in 2021 advertised 6,680 vacancies for the promotional grade C4 as the first step towards officiating C4 as a promotional grade accessible to deserving TSC teachers.

6. Classroom Teachers’ Worth in new TSC CBA 2021-2025

New job descriptions have been introduced by SRC’s 2021 job evaluation to appreciate and reward the true worth of classroom teachers.

There are up to 30 new roles including Class management and outdoor activities that will set the pace for a pay rise for classroom teachers.


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