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TSC Internship Salaries 2021-2022 Release; How to Hasten the Release of Delayed TSC Intern Teachers’ Salaries

Tsc intrrnship salaries released 2021/2022

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TSC Internship Salaries 2021-2022 Release; How to Hasten the Release of Delayed TSC Intern Teachers’ Salaries 

TSC Internship Salaries 2021-2022 Release; How to Hasten the Release of Delayed TSC Intern Teachers' Salaries 

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TSC Internship News Today 2021-2022: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) recently declared 1995 Internship vacancies for qualified currently unemployed teachers willing to work on contractual terms after successfully going through a rigorous process of getting and interviewing shortlisted canfidates.

Click Here to access the full list of TSC Internship Slots per County and Region 2021

TSC Internship Recruitment Vacancies per County and Region September 2021/2022: TSC Announces Recruitment of 1995 internship Teachers for Primary and Secondary Schools to be filled in September/October 2021. How to Apply 

About TSC Internship Recruitment 2021-2022

Teachers who make it to the list of newly recruited teacher interns are required to write a commitment letter and sign a commitment form indicating that the teacher will serve in the school he or she will be posted to for a minimum period of one year.

Female TSC teacher interns are not expected to apply for maternity leave during the one year TSC internship period but KUPPET has committed to look into the matter and negotiate for maternity leave for the aforementioned teachers now that their counterparts employed on permanent and pensionable terms have already started enjoying an extended maternity leave amounting to 120 days as opposed to the previous 90 calendar days following the signing of the new non-monetary Collective bargaining agreement CBA 2021-2025.

TSC Internship Contract Renewal 2021-2022

Once the one year period lapses, the Teachers Service Commission automatically renews the internship agreement with the respective teacher for another year until the teacher gets absorbed on permanent and pensionable terms.

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The evidence of renewal of a TSC Internship Contract is entailed in a letter sent to the affected teachers upon expiry of the one year period.

The Teacher will continue serving in the same institution for as long as s/he has not landed greener TSC pastures.

TSC Internship Salaries Release for Newly Recruited Teachers 2021-2022; New Terms and Conditions for Release of Teacher Interns’ Salaries

The Teachers Service Commission set new conditions for the release of salaries for newly recruited teacher interns.

The mandatory requirements include provision of pay point particulars or details that are provided in a form labelled TSC Pay point particulars form and submission of a casualty (entry/ exit) report showing that the newly recruited teacher intern has reported to the school they have been posted to.

Lack or omission of a teacher intern’s pay point particulars will automatically pave way for complications culminating in delayed release of salary- monthly Stipend.

There have been numerous complaints bordering on missing TSC Casualty Forms at the TSC headquarters despite school heads and principals presenting them to the respective TSC sub county directors of education for forwarding. The most commonly affected teachers hail from some  schools in Rift Valley. This issue was brought to the limelight after some newly recruited teachers confided in us revealing that their salaries were delayed for up to five months whereas their counterparts who were recruited at the same time but posted to schools in other sub counties had already received their monthly stipends.

This is frustrating especially to newly recruited TSC teacher interns especially with the ever increasing  high cost of living.

To avoid such scenarios, newly recruited TSC interns are henceforth advised to ensure that the school head sends the casualty form in time- once they have reported to their new stations, before 10th so that their details can be captured in the TSC payroll in preparation for salary processing.

Secondly, ensure that your pay point particulars form is correctly filled.




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