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TSC Glaring Problems Slowing Down The Teachers’ TPAY Profile Updating Exercise- 15th July 2022 Being The Set Deadline


TSC Glaring Problems Slowing Down The Teachers’ TPAY Profile Updating Exercise- 15th July 2022 Being The Deadline

The teachers’ Exercise of updating their TPAY profiles as directed by their employer TSC has been riddled with a lot of challenges as reported by the teachers. The Exercise that kicked off on the 9th of June, 2022 is scheduled to be closed by the 15th of July, 2022 as communicated by a memo from the employer.
The Commission has communicated firmly that all its teachers must validate their user profiles. This Exercise is meant to enable the commission to enhance the security features of its various online systems.
Despite the given TSC deadline ( 15th July 2022) teachers across the country have reported the many bottlenecks they are facing in their bid to comply with their employer’s directive-Updating of the TPAY profile. Some of the teachers are complaining that they are getting stuck with a number complaining of being unable to obtain the One Time Pin (OTP) for verification sent to their Emails.
Most of the teachers are claiming that they are unable to access their email accounts on the TSC servers while others complain that they are unable to proceed to other steps after successfully uploading their profile photos. Some of the members have also complained about the system reading OTP that mismatches despite the filling in of the correct code.
 Despite numerous challenges riddling the validation process as reported by the teachers, the commission has not been able to address them effectively. Sources claim that only a total of 191,199 teachers have obtained an official email with the TSC servers as required for this validation exercise.
These challenges have seen teachers get frustrated because they have been restricted from accessing various TPAY services including their P9 forms for filing the mandatory KRA returns among others. This emanates from the fact that payslips, P9 statements, control sheets, third-party transactions, application, and approval of loans for both the teachers and the TSC secretariate are all handled from the TPAY platform.
Given the sensitive nature of the information handled by the TPAY system, the commission is purposing to enhance security. This has been achieved by the introduction of a two-level authentification process, where OTP is sent to the user’s official registered phone number or Email to facilitate logging in.
This is from a background of security challenges where fraudsters have been infiltrating the system in the past by the use of details of legit users to gain access to the TPAY System.
The commission in its bid to keep the fraudsters at bay has made it possible for the members to upload a passport-size photograph that is purely for identification purposes on the TPAY profile. This feature will come in handy in assisting the financial institutions in the actual physical identification of the loan applicants and other financial services seekers as legitimate users and owners of the TPAY accounts.

The Following Is A Step By Step Procedure For Updating A Teacher’s TPAY Profile

a) Access the payslip page through the TSC website and log into           TPAY
b) Upload a passport photo clearly showing the face, without                 glasses or head-covered,
c) Enter and verify current mobile numbers
d) Once you enter the mobile number and OTP (One Time                 Password) will be sent to your mobile number.
e) Input the OTP to validate the tab to validate the mobile.
f) Click on the validate tab to verify that it is the correct number.

Note that only a valid code will be accepted and once verified the number cannot be changed, the mobile number will be used during loan applications and approvals.

g) Enter and verify the official email issued by the commission e.g          phoebeomala37@mawlimu.tsc.go.ke



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