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TSC forms for teachers: Free PDF download and Application guides 2021/2022

Tsc forms pdf download for teachers by newspro.co.ke

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TSC forms for teachers: Free PDF download and Application guides 2021/2022

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 TSC forms for teachers: Free PDF download and Application guides 2021/2022 2021/2022 terms of service, agreement form and New Salary (Salary Review) 2021/2022

Given the large pool of clients that the Teachers Service Commission, TSC is expected to serve, the Commission has availed a number of forms to be filled by teachers to ease congestion at the respective TSC offices. The good news is that these TSC Teachers’ Forms can be accessed online. The Teachers only need to know when and how to fill them for effective service delivery.

In this write-up, we present to you the full list of TSC forms for teachers and the Secretariat and simplified guidelines shedding light on when and how you should fill them.

TSC Forms for Teachers and the Secretariat 2021/2022, A Complete List

TSC Forms provide a reliable channel through which the over 300,000 teachers employed by the Commission can easily communicate with the TSC head office in Nairobi.

Kindly note that the Commission can only respond to it act on forms that are correctly and completely filled using the right data. The teachers must also present the form for endorsement by  their immediate supervisors that is, the school head or Principal who will then forward it to the TSC head office or sub-county offices for further action.



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TSC Downloads (Forms, Memos, Manuals, Circulars and Adverts)

New TPAD 2 (http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/) forms free download: Collection of all TPAD forms


Categories OF TSC FORMS

A teacher who is seeking for a transfer, for instance, must fill the Transfer form that is endorsed by the head and submitted to the TSC for action.

Other, many, types of TSC forms also exist. If you have been wondering where to get the forms, then worry not. Click on the links below to download the forms free of charge and in PDF form. Each form contains instructions on how to complete the parts. Remember to read these instructions correctly before completing the form. In case in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your head or TSC Sub-county office for clarification.

Here are the TSC forms: All Types

 TSC Bank Form

Teachers Next-of-Kin Form

TSC Employment Application Form

Subsistence Claim FormTSC Forms pdf free download: Study Leave Form Secretariat

Perfomance Appraisal Form

TSC Next of Kin secretariat Form BBF

TSC Medical Claim Form

TSC Imprest Application Form

TSC Widows and Widowers Declaration form

TSC Dependents Declaration form

TSC Bonding Form Secretariat

TSC Bonding Form Secretariat

TSC Travelling Claim Form



This form is filled by a teacher who wishes to change his/ her current work station. The form enables the commission to consider a teacher’s intra and inter county transfer request. The reason for seeking the transfer must be satisfactory enough to warrant the transfer. Such reasons as ‘on medical grounds’ with supportive evidence is presumably given much weight by TSC. Those with organized swaps also get an easy ride. Click on this link to get the TSC Transfer Form

This form is filled by teachers after successful interview/ recruitment. Get the TSC Employment Form here

The TSC promotion form is for common cadre promotions. It is filled by teachers who have successfully served the required number of years in a given job grade. The form is filled by the head of institution. It is good to get the form ready and sent to TSC three months prior the expiry of the required minimum number of years that a teacher is to serve in the job group. The TSC Job group promotion form can be found on this link.


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