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TSC deployment results released as P1 teachers with higher qualifications decry biasness towards art teachers;


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TSC deployment results released as P1 teachers with higher qualifications decry biasness towards art teachers;

TSC deployment results released as P1 teachers with higher qualifications decry biasness towards art teachers;

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TSC Deployment Vacancies, Results and List 

Click Here or follow the link below to access the latest TSC deployment News- TSC deployment vacancies, list of deployed teachers per county, deployment letters and

The Latest TSC News Today on Deployment 2021/2022

TSC accused of deploying more art teachers to secondary schools, this is why

The latest TSC Deployment statistics show that only 3 per cent of the total 1000  were deployed to teach sciences in high school.

The Teachers Service Commission TSC has been hoarding TSC deployment lists making it difficult for affected teachers to know how exactly and what criteria the Commission uses to select teachers during deployment.

For the past three years, the Commission has been deploying 1,000 Primary School Teachers P1 teachers every financial year to teach in secondary schools having attained the minimum requirements. Complaints have been raised many a time over the mystery surrounding the criteria used to select teachers during deployment.

This year’s tsc deployment exercise has however revealed huge disparities between art and science teachers.

This great revelation has finally bursted the bubble with statistics at our disposal showing that the Commission deployed more art teachers compared to those teaching sciences.

TSC accused of favouring art teachers in the latest deployment

The Teachers Service Commission TSC has been bashed by science teachers seeking deployment to secondary schools following the revelation of shocking details indicating that only 3 per cent of science teachers were posted to high schools recently.

This, according to the affected teachers is discrimination leading to huge discrepancies between the number of promoted P1 science and art teachers.

New TSC Deployment Selection Criteria

The affected tutors have also implored upon the TSC to take some factors into consideration before releasing the final list of deployed P1 teachers.

Some of the key considerations that teachers want incorporated into the TSC Selection Criteria for teachers deployment encompass: the teacher’s year of graduation, age and quality of grades especially KCSE as in the case of TSC mass Recruitment or Replacement interviews.

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Number of Available TSC Deployment Slots/Vacancies per county

A section of teachers have also requested their employer to increase the number of deployment vacancies from the normal 1000 to at least 3000 annually besides publicizing the number of deployment slots per county.

TSC Official Response to Allegations Bordering on Biasness towards Art Teachers in the Latest Deployments

In its defence, the Commission said that P1 tutors cannot be deployed to teach where there are no vacancies.

The Commission clarified the issue saying that teachers can only be deployed to teach in schools with specific subject needs.

About TSC Deployment of Teachers- Background Information on New Salaries

Initially, teachers were promoted using the schemes of service upon receipt of their acknowledgement letters.

Since 2014, TSC put a stop to automatic Promotions of teachers and adopted Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs which require teachers to attend interviews and compete for the available TSC promotion Vacancies.

Following successful deployment, the teachers would have their salaries backdated up to the time of graduation during the era of schemes of service. This is not the case with the new Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs.

The introduction of Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs has greatly disadvantaged some teachers who are now forced to stagnate in one job group in spite of acquiring higher qualifications.

This prompted KUPPET to raise the issues affecting diploma teachers with degree qualifications to the national executive board, NEB.

Some of the issues fronted include

Stagnation of diploma teachers with degrees in Job Group J, Grade C2

Staggered promotion of diploma teachers by TSC

Discriminative TSC Recruitment marking Scheme that disadvantages diploma teachers.





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