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TSC Delocalization 2022; TSC to Localize Aged Teachers. Read Also; Policy Changes for Newly Employed Teachers 


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TSC Delocalization 2022; TSC to Localize Aged Teachers. Read Also; Policy Changes for Newly Employed Teachers 

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TSC Transfers 2022/2023 List of Transferred Employees Grants Leave to Teachers Contracted by IEBC to Conduct Polls this August

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC has officially launched a life-saving program that will see teachers above 50 years get deployed to serve in schools adjacent to their homes.

This policy change is highly welcome especially now when most teachers are crying foul after being delocalized two years ago to far flung areas.

Starting January 2022, reliable sources within the Teachers Service Commission intimated that a good number of teachers will be reposted back to schools within their home counties.


Read Also: TSC Relaxes Delocalization Policy for Newly Employed Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission’s sources indicate they may be able to post a significant number of new teachers in their home counties, which is good news for those teachers who were hired in July of this year.




The month of September is when all of the newly hired teachers are expected to start working at their new stations.


However, some teachers may have to wait even longer, as the Commission has indicated that it will post some of them until January 2023.


The TSC’s plan for assigning new teachers calls for them to begin their new jobs in early September.


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According to the employment documents submitted by successful TSC recruits, some teachers will have to wait until January of the following year to begin their new jobs.


Delocalization is a policy that the Commission adopted in 2017 and is now under pressure to abandon. Teachers have complained that the program is driving them into poverty.


Already, the newly elected president, Dr. William Ruto, has pledged to put an end to the program of delocalizing teachers . According to him, individuals who are delocalized would be compensated.


Ruto had stated that he will replace the delocalization policy that has been implemented by the TSC with a program that will realize that teachers are a national resource. He will do this in place of the current policy.


Teachers, he said, will have the option of working in any county and school they like. To better oversee Kenya’s educational institutions, he pledged to rebrand the present Teachers Management Institute as the Kenya School of Education.


There will be an increase in the number of entry-level teachers recruited and deployed from the local community.




TSC is now having trouble dealing with the large number of transfer requests that have been submitted by delocalized teachers who wish to return to their home counties.


There was a severe teacher shortage in public schools, and in July 2022, TSC put out a recruiting advertisement hoping to fill that gap by hiring 14,460 new teachers.


The commission had announced that it will fill 5,000 positions and will fill another 8,230 positions with teachers who have left due to natural attrition.


TSC additionally secured 844 full-time teaching vacancies in northern schools. The positions were reserved for local candidates through affirmative action programs.



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