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TSC 2023/2024 Promotions; Joy as TSC Lines up More promotion vacancies in September 2023

TSC 2022/2023 Promotions; Joy as TSC Lines up 15, 000 promotion vacancies in January 2023

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TSC 2023/2024 Promotions; Joy as TSC Lines up More promotion vacancies in September 2023

TSC Promotions 2023/2024 Vacancies

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Available 2023/2024 TSC promotion vacancies encompass

1. 18, 073 Secondary school teachers Click Here to Apply Regular Friday, September 8, 2023 2023
2. 16,835 Secondary school teachers Click Here to Apply Regular Friday, September 8, 2023 2023
3. 1,076 Special needs  teachers Click Here to Apply Special Needs Friday, September 8, 2023 2023
4. 288 TTC trainers Click Here to Apply Tertiary teachers Friday, September 8, 2023 2023


The Teachers Service Commission was  taken back to the drawing board after the giant teachers’ union, KUPPET ensured that the recently released advert for 14, 738 vacancies is declared null and void.
The Teachers Service Commission has consequently re-advertises promotions in January 2023 inclusive of C3 to C4 promotions and C2 to C3.
Click Here to access the re-advertized TSC promotion vacancies 2023.

Download the cancelled TSC Promotions Advert 2023; Click HERE

Advert No. Advert Name T-Scale Grade Posts
27/2022 Chief Principal (Teacher Training Colleges) 15 D5 4
S/No Advert No. Advert Name T-Scale Grade Posts
1. 28/2022 Chief Principal (Regular School) 15 D5 73
2. 29/2022 Chief Principal (SNE School) 15 D5 4
3. 30/2022 Principal (Regular School) 13 D3 602
4. 31/2022 Principal (SNE School) 13 D3 8
5. 32/2022 Deputy Principal I 13 D3 17
6. 33/2022 Deputy Principal II 12 D2 725
7. 34/2022 Deputy Principal III (Regular School) 11 D1 224
8. 35/2022 Deputy Principal III (SNE School) 11 D1 15
9. 36/2022 Senior Master II 11 D1 208
10. 37/2022 Head teacher (Regular School) 10 C5 2,733
11. 38/2022 Head teacher (SNE School) 10 C5 32
12. 39/2022 Deputy Head teacher II (Regular School) 9 C4 7,720
13. 40/2022 Deputy Head teacher II (SNE School) 9 C4 22
14. 41/2022 Secondary Teacher I 8 C3 1,330
TOTAL 13,713

(Baringo (Baringo North, Tiaty East, Tiaty West and Marigat Sub-Counties), Garissa. Homa Bay (Suba and Mbita
Sub-Counties), Isiolo, Kajiado (Mashuuru, Loitoktok and Kajiado West Sub-Counties), Kilifi (Magarini and Ganze SubCounties), Kitui (Mumoni, Mutitu North and Tseikuru), Kwale, Lamu, Mandera, Marsabit, Narok (Narok South and
North Sub-Counties Counties), Samburu, Taita Taveta, Tana River, Turkana, Wajir and West Pokot).
S/No Advert No. Advert Name T-Scale Grade Posts
1 42/2022 Principal 13 D3 25
2 43/2022 Deputy Principal II 12 D2 17
3 44/2022 Deputy Principal III 11 D1 8
4 45/2022 Senior Master III 10 C5 7
5 46/2022 Senior Master IV 9 C4 10
6 47/2022 Deputy Principal III 11 D1 20
7 48/2022 Senior Master III 10 C5 7
8 49/2022 Senior Master IV 9 C4 90
9 50/2022 Head teacher 10 C5 62
10 51/2022 Deputy Head teacher II 9 C4 21
11 52/2022 Senior Teacher I 8 C3 20
12 53/2022 Senior Teacher II 7 C2 32
13 54/2022 Deputy Head teacher II 9 C4 195
14 55/2022 Senior Teacher I 8 C3 223
15 56/2022 Senior Teacher II 7 C2 284
TOTAL 1,021
a) Applicants for vacancies in ASAL and Hard-to-Staff Counties/Sub Counties shall be required to upload the
letter of deployment to the current responsibility during application.
b) Candidates who will be successful in the interviews shall be required to present valid Chapter six
documents before they are considered for appointment.
c) For details on each advertisement, applicants are advised to visit the TSC website: www.tsc.go.ke
Teachers Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer and persons with disabilities are
encouraged to apply.

TSC Boss Announces 15, 522 Promotion Slots for the Following Categories of Teachers

Appearing before the parliamentary education committee in December 2022, TSC Boss Dr. Nany Macharia was taken to task to explain the notorious stagnation of teachers in one grade or rather job group that has left many teachers disillusioned, hopeless about bagging any TSC promotion vacancies in 2023.

In response to this query, TSC CEO Dr. Macharia said that no teacher has stagnated in one job group for over 15 years since the Commission massively promoted teachers in the year 2021.

The latest TSC Promotion news 2023 reaching us at newspro.co.ke now indicate that over 15, 500 teachers who have effectively served on Permanent and Pensionable terms under the new career progression guidelines introduced in the year 2016 will get promoted to higher cadres in January 2023.

Speaking to Mps TSC Boss Nancy Macharia stated that the  Advert is ready and will be out once the national examinations are over.

“Immediately after exams come to an end, we shall advertise and start the process of promoting the teachers to different grades,” said Macharia.

According to TSC these promotions will cost the government Sh1.4 billion.

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Macharia said this when she faced the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

The committee chair Julius Melly asked how much it would cost TSC to promote teachers. The members wondered why teachers were stagnating in the same job group for many years.

“There is an outcry that promotion is based on nepotism and other corruption matters. And this seems to be affecting most teachers who have been serving in the same position”* Hon Melly wondered .

The TSC Boss reported that the Commission had a strained budget that could not sustain the promotion.

Macharia urged the MPs to allocate more funds through the national budget, so that the Commission could hire more teachers and promote others.

The Commission is currently recruiting over 30,000 teachers to try and fill the teething staffing gaps.

2022/2023 TSC Promotion Guidelines

According to CPG, elevating teachers from B5 to C1 does not require any more schooling or interviews. To be automatically promoted to C1, one simply needs to have served in B5 for three years.

Promotion of teachers Grade C1 to C2

Grade C1 to C2 teacher promotions

For secondary school teachers with Diplomas in Education, grade C1 is the entry level. This group includes Primary Teacher I, Secondary Teacher III, and Lecturer I. Additionally, these tutors do not receive pay raises.

Teachers who have taught in Grade B5 for three years in primary school are automatically promoted to Grade C1. Grade C1 primary school teachers, sometimes referred to as Primary Teachers 1, are below T-Scale 6.



Primary school teachers are not automatically promoted from Grade C1 to Grade C2. A promotion for primary school teachers is grade C2. It serves as a starting point for the administrative cadre as well. Entry into this grade is competitive and contingent upon openings.

For one to be promoted for this Grade, he/she must apply online when TSC makes an advert. A teacher must have served for at least three years in Grade C1 in addition to having the required qualifications which is a minimum of a Diploma.

A secondary school teacher in Grade C1 is also known as Secondary Teachers II. Secondary school Diploma teachers in Grade C1 will then move to Grade C2 automatically after serving for three years.


Grade C2 is assigned to senior teachers in primary education. For primary school teachers, this grade signifies a promotion.

In the administrative cadre, it serves as a first grade. The availability of openings and the competition make admission to this grade not automatic.

For at least three years as a Primary Teacher I in T-Scale 6, an individual must have held that position before being promoted to this grade.

Additionally, TSC intends to encourage primary school teachers who are currently in the classroom to consider secondary school teaching after receiving their degrees.

Grade C2 is the starting point for primary school teachers who are transferred to secondary institutions.

A promotion for diploma teachers in secondary schools is Grade C2. After working for three years in Grade C1, diploma teachers are automatically promoted to Grade C2.

A promotion interview is required for a secondary school diploma teacher to advance from Grade C2 to Grade C3. Not automatically.

Graduating teachers in secondary education must enter Grade 2. When hired by TSC, every secondary school teacher with a degree begins in this grade.

After serving for three years, secondary school graduates immediately advance to Grade 3.

Below are different salaries and allowances paid to teachers in Grade B5, C1, C2 and C3


Grade TSC Scale Basic Pay
Basic Pay
B5 5 21,756 27,195
C1 6 27,195 33,994
C2 7 34,955 43,694
C3 8 43,154 53,943


Grade TSC Scale Hardship Allowance
B5 5 6,600
C1 6 8,200
C2 7 10,900
C3 8 12,300


Grade TSC Scale Commuter Allowance
B5 5 4,000
C1 6 4,000
C2 7 5,000
C3 8 6,000


Grade TSC Scale Disability Guide Allowance
B5 5 20,000
C1 6 20,000
C2 7 20,000
C3 8 20,000


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  1. nelson gitari says

    A primary teacher with only PTE certificate will he/she get promoted to C2 orC3 after serving for 3 years in one job group or it will be a stagnation point for that group?

    1. News Pro Team says

      It is advisable to undertake DPTE for further career progression since it will give you an edge during competitive promotions.

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