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TPAY Update- This Is How To Know If Your HeadTeacher Has Approved Your TPAY Profile. By The 8th Of July, 2022


TPAY Update- This Is How To Know If Your HeadTeacher Has Approved Your TPAY Profile. By The 8th Of July, 2022


TPAY Update- This Is How To Know If Your HeadTeacher Has Approved Your TPAY Profile. By The 8th Of July, 2022

In line with the Data Protection Act 2019, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is determined to protect the personal information of all teachers and the Secretariate staff from possible threats by online fraudsters. To achieve this end, the teachers’ employer is enhancing security by directing all her teachers to update their TPAY Profile by the 15th of July, 2022 through a Circular numbered 2/2021. HOW TO UPDATE THE TPAY PROFILE
To this effect, the Commission is leaving nothing to chance as far as this exercise is concerned (Updating the TPAY Profile) by holding the School heads responsible for their respective teachers’ compliance.
The heads of the institutions are expected to verify and approve the profile of teachers under their supervision before or on the 8th of July, 2022.
It is important for the Primary School heads to note that their TPAY Updated Profiles will be verified and approved by the Sub-County Directors while their Post Primary counterparts will be confirmed by the County Directors within the same issued time frame.
This means that the entire process of TPAY Updating for teachers can only be complete after the aforementioned seniors verify them!
Therefore heads of institutions who will not have validated their teachers’ details and updated theirs within the established time frame will not have access to the TPAY system for any related service. Some of these services that they may not be able to access are;
  • Access to the crucial P9 Form for filing the mandatory KRA tax returns
  • The third-party transactions
  • Application and Approval of loans
  • Control sheets
  • The Payslips

How Can A teacher know whether his supervisor has validated his/her details?

A teacher can know if a school head has validated his particulars if the ‘UPDATE DETAILS’ banner on the T-Pay portal disappears by stopping blinking.
All teachers and the Secretariate staff have been officially directed to ensure that they have updated their TPAY profiles before or on the 15th of July 2022.
TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia observed that the exercise which started on the 9th of June 2022 is aimed at protecting its employees from fraudsters and at the same time assisting in the enhancement of security particulars of its several systems.
She further noted that the TPAY system handles the teachers’ and the Secretariates’ Pay Slips, P9 Statements, Control Sheets, Third Party transactions, Application, and Approval of Loans processes.
Given the sensitive nature of the information handled by the TPAY System, the commission is purposing to buttress security. This is getting achieved by the introduction of a two-level authentification process where the OTP is sent to the user’s official registered phone number or email to enable login.
This security measure was thought of and is getting executed following a series of reported cases of fraud. It is reported that fraudsters used legit particulars of Users to access the portal for their intended manipulation! A case in point is where some teachers have been forced to pay loans that they had not applied for but had been initiated and processed by fraudsters.
To Stop this, the commission has enhanced security by introducing a two-level authentification process, where the OTP is sent to the user’s registered phone number or email to enable log-in. In addition, the user’s passport size photograph which is one of the requirements of updating the TPAY Profile will go a long way in the physical identification of the loan applicant by financial institutions, automatically keeping the fraudsters at bay! STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON TPAY PROFILE UPDATE


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