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Have you ever asked yourself why couples file for divorce cases? So many grounds have been given but these 10 reasons will make you wonder.

1. Inadequate preparation for marriage
This is a very interesting reason for divorcing your spouse. So if you did not set your mind that you are upgrading to a higher level of maturity, why go for it? That is why you are endowed with the ability to make decisions. You are not an animal. Therefore you should not jump into a β€˜frying pan’ yet you are not ready to be fried.

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2. Unrealistic expectations
Now that you are in marriage, do you think your husband is a cash cow whose tits never run dry? Every person has got his lion and gazelle moments. What I simply mean is that you do not expect a straight road or a happily ever after kind of union. There comes a time when you are obliged to bury your head in the sand for fear of the unknown. If you cannot have expectations that are within the reality then you will always wish to keep on living in the world of Utopia which can only be realized through a divorce.

3. Lack of intimacy between spouses
So now you have grown an extra pair of eyes at your back that can highlight your spouse’s glaring ugly state. It is now that you have known that your spouse cannot hold you better or kiss you to the moon. The outcome of such thoughts is divorce, nothing less.

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4. Lack of communication between couples
I strongly believe that the two of you must be an assortment of bones without emotions or feelings or tree stumps if you cannot express what you feel. If your partner keeps mum even about the most provocative events or stinging words; how can you not go for a divorce?
Constant fights and arguments
Now that you have transformed your abode into a Kungfu arena or better still a combat zone, how can you not separate? I am still at a loss as to who is the Batista in this whole saga. Constant fights over trivial matters can put your spouse off.

5. Extra-marital affairs
It is rather unfortunate that your love is no longer for your spouse’s eyes only. You just realized that better roses are due for flowering and your urge to taste the honey pot is pressing. Go for the rose flowers while keeping in mind that doom awaits you.

6. Excessive weight gain
Should I call this obesity? If you keep on feeding on junk, how can you avoid accumulating rolls and rolls of fat? It won’t perturb us if you get branded the obese pro. If you are a lady you should also try to keep fit. If you use childbearing as a scape-goat for gobbling chunks of ugali, do not get shocked when a new escort comes knocking. You are highly replaceable.

7. Materialism and greed
If your appetite for good things of life such as posh cars and houses is insatiable, then divorce is imminent. Luxury doesn’t grow off trees. You have to sacrifice. Thus if you expect manna to drop from heaven, how can your marriage not rock?

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